I'm looking into purchasing a 10x10 trimline tent for my artshows but I'd liek to know how dificult it is to set one up by yourself. I'm pretty fit, but I'd hate to get a tent and find that its a nightmare to setup.

Any thoughts or siggestions are welcome.



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  • I do all my own setups as a solo affair. I have a full tent from Flourish - love those folks! - and it takes me three hours of non-stop work to get it up. A couple of hints:

    * Set it up before in your backyard.

    * Color code your poles - I bought a pack of vinyl tape from Lowes in multiple colors and did a red-white-blue theme. (Blue for the top poles - think sky! White for my internal poles like a French wall. Red for my corners. And I add yellow for that bar that goes across the top and you can hang lights on.

    * Get the EZ-UP for sure. 

    * Don't be afraid to ask for help raising the tent when the time comes. It's hard to get the corner poles in and VERY difficult if it's windy. 

  • It's hard work but not a nightmare.  Wear protective gloves they bars can pinch pretty bad when you connect them.  Another oprion is to buy a pop up and get the mesh walls from trimline. You can hang them upside down with the adjustable straps and the tent with the weight is pretty strong.

  • Check out the new VINYL top Endeavor tent by WZ-Up. It's what I purchased last year, along with four vinyl walls. This is not a nylon cheap tent, it's heavy duty vinyl and 100% waterproof. Has sturdy octagon legs, and is much easier to set up. I'll try to attach a photo of mine.  Check it out here: 


    E-Z UP Official Site | Endeavor™ Vinyl Shelter | #1 Instant Shelter
    Endeavor™ Vinyl Shelter
    • $1378 is overly pricey for a pop-up. A similar tent frame is available from Eurmax is about 1/4 the price with a decent canopy top. If you want a vinyl top, Flourish has replacement tops of vinyl for a reasonable price. Replacement top from Flourish and the Eurmax tent is about half of what the EZ-UP Endeavor goes for.


  • The 7 footers are relatively easy to put up. The 9 footers not so easy. The fix is what they call the Easy Riser, a length of pipe matching the Sta-Bars slipped into a couple of right angle fitting attached in the middle of the front and back (or two sides) of the tent frame. It raises the end of the tent up high enough to place the legs in the corner fittings. It's not so much of a deal on the first side being raised up, but the second one needs that third hand or arm, and the Easy Riser fits that bill. Flourish sells the Easy Riser cut to the appropriate length for the 7 footer, but I haven't seen one listed for the 9 foot tent. I measured off what I needed and cut down a 10' pipe from Lowe's.

    • I use the door leg for my "easy riser" on my 9' tent. Couldn't put it up without it. At any rate, it's still a bear. In fact, I'd probably sell my 9' if anyone has an interest.


  • I have one that I will be selling  once i can post it here .I am in NJ. Only used 3 times.

  • You might want to consider a Light Dome instead.

  • I can't do it, but several others, including the tiny woman in the booth next to me at the show last weekend, do it with no problem.

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