Hi Fellow Art Fair Insiders,

I have some equipment to give away.  

There are 2 different tops to the Encore II EZ UP tent, a rolling bag and one lone wall.

I live in the Chicago area.  If I don't get back to you on the weekend, it means I'm at a show.

Please also check out my mesh panels for sale in the classifieds if you are in the market.

Thanks and hope this can help somebody out!


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  • These puppies are off in the mail.  I'm glad they found a new home with a fellow art insider!
  • Wow, Kristi.  These free EZ UP tent tops, rolling bag, and wall may really be of use to someone just getting started with very limited funds.  This is very generous of you.

    Jacki B

  • HI  do you still have the tops etc.  I really need them, if you do.  I have been doing shows for many many years and lost so many tents.  I am now 66 and I really do need them, if you have not already gave them away, please email me or call at 989 486 4834.  I am MI but I would pay postage etc.  natureswaykb@yahoo.com   please let me either way  thaks
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