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Custom booth weights - the best

Custom made Booth weights

There are many weight systems out there. All have one or more of these four problems.

A) Too heavy to lift in and out of vehicle. You need a lot of weight but don't want to lift it all at once.

B) Not heavy enough to save y

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Yet Another Booth Discussion

Hello all, I am new to the Art Fair Scene. I have been stalking the canvas booth and panel discussions as well as used sales (here and on Craigslist) and websites for all brands mentioned here. 

I can get this from all the comments: Flourish will be

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Pro Panels for sale

We have 9 seven foot by 38" pro panels, they are the medium dark grey color. In great shape and come with some straight stiffeners as well. Asking $540 for the lot, less than 1/2 price of new. Will be in Madison, IN this coming weekend followed by St

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A Vent about my Tent!

I'm a newbie and I know you're not supposed to give up on your tent until after a handful of tries, but my Trimline, well... it's kind of a pain. Is there anything else out there that is sturdy but easier with less pieces to cart around? I don't even

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