I need some help in  displaying sweaters and coats.  I make articles , purses, backpacks, mittens, armand leg warmers and  wine totes fro ; recycled sweaters, sport coats, ties....you get the idea.  (It's dangerous to change your cloths at my house!). Last year I sold my metal grids, I'm to old to ''carry those things."  I made wall panels from pvp pipe and lattice.  They work great and Im very proud of them, my own idea, and I made them all by myself.  These work great to hang the bags on but, I need a wterall rack jobby and they won't hook onto my lattice. With the purses, and sweater things, My booth keeps looking cluttered. But everything is one of a kind, and I have a real hard time not putting everything out.  I would like to make some kind od foldable coat rack.Would 2 poles with a cross arm brace, a pole that sits in the fork at the top, and then the same thing onthe other end.  Kind of like 2 laders and a pole.  I cant figure how to attach waterfalls to the piping in the booth walls.  I know the lattice won't hold the weight.. I tried to put a picture of my booth in, not sure I got it.  I know it is too full, but any ideas?  I have a banner made from felt in the shape of chicks, with my shop name spelled out on them.  Help, I'm stumped, it can't take up any room. Car is full.  Thank you

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    • Thank you,Ilove them they have ate very unique and classy,but I can't hook themon the wallsthey wouldbe to heavy.I'll think on it.Sometimes it is surprising what comes  up. Jaynie

  • Jaynie, here's a rack that you could paint white--I think it disassembles...


    You could also buy three flag stands that hold poles.  If you drill holes into the poles, you could insert pegs to hold all your purses, like "trees".  Then, you could add connecting horizontal poles to each vertical pole to make racks to hold your clothing.  If you make three "trees", and connect them together with the poles, they'll be sturdier than if they stand up on their own, I think...  And it could all be disassembled...

    Haven't tried the idea, but it's a thought...  Maybe experiment a bit?

    • this sounds GREAT! I can picture it and it does sound strong and eay to take apart! Did you see the picture of my booth,view and see if you  hvae any ideas.

  • Jaynie, I did a post last summer with a bunch of interesting booths that I saw at a show and one of them was a fiber artist. Take a look at this post: http://www.artfairinsiders.com/profiles/blog/show?id=2160589%3ABlog...

    I was impressed with that booth because of all the different ways she found to display her wearables. Maybe some ideas for you.

    • Ive been collecting some things, I put  my mittens on an antiqie drying rack thing.  It's the kind of rack you hang herbs on.  I liked the ladder with the ties to.  she must have a truck to move all that.  But, it is beauitiful!  I'm trying to figure out how I can adopt some of them.  I want to keep my grids white, afraid the paint will scatch off when I put the hooks on. Maybe not Ill try it on a scrap piece.  A goldish , sand color would work well with my things.  You did a wonderful photo job!

      • Thank you, Jaynie. I really enjoyed putting that post together.

        I was just looking around and see that Ana Petercic whose fiber art I linked to is actually a member here, Jaynie. Search for her page on this site and maybe she will share some of her display ideas with you.

        • Thank you for you help, I'll try to figure out how o find someone.  I'm new to computers.

  • That looks great, but does it easily come apart?  Can't you see a 60 something lady, flying, (I do mean flying), down the highway with the rack on the roof of my pilot.  See I even have a car that flys.  Maybe I could pull it.I wonder if any of the of the  standing racks, the ones with the waterfalls at different levels fold up.  I cant find any in the uline catalog that say they do. Thank you for helping me.

    • I'd pick up the phone and call and explain your needs.

      Larry Berman

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