I'm packing and noticed my kd canopy is coming apart at the top/point, the seams.

I have no idea how long it may have been this way.

Trying to get in touch with KD, but they are in a later time zone.

Has anyone else ever noticed this on their canopy top, and if so, what did you do? This is a first for me.

I guess it's duck tape for now?



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  • My canopy is about 8 years old and i have had to repair several areas over the years. Primarily seams. But i sew for a living which makes it easy. Be sure to use UV resistant thread when making repairs ornyounwill be wasting your time.
  • Use Gorilla tape if you have to, much stronger tack than duct tape. It is available in white. 

    I had an old top break apart at the peak seams during a show one time. The winds were buffeting and the top was constantly being whipped up and down. I came in the next morning to find the top ripped at the peak and sitting down on the Ez-Up center pole down at the center struts. The only way to properly fix it would have been to tear the entire booth down during the show. I pulled the loose ends downwards, cinched them up tight with either a zip tie or bungee, pushed the cinched fabric up as far as I could on the center pole, borrowed a ladder and taped the fabric to the center pole to keep it from slipping back down. I was lucky and had 4 painter poles I used for a back awning, and zip tied the four ends together around the center pole, and extended the ends out to the legs where bungees tied them to the legs. That way the fabric was supported and didn't sag down to head height. After pricing a new top, it was cheaper to buy a Sam's club tent.

  • Take it to someone who makes and repairs marine boat covers and have them sew it.

    • Thanks, that sounds like a good idea. KD will repair it, but then I  would have to ship and it's in the other part of the country.

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