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This is my first year doing art fairs.  I finally have a booth.  I was wondering a few things, only doing two Art Fairs so far, Westport Art Fair, in Kansas City and Art in the Park in Lawrence.  

1. Do I need a door in the back of my booth?

2. Would an art stand/table for my to stand/sit at and do business be an improvement?

3. Overall appearance of booth shot.

4. When submitting images do I have black behind the actual image?  My work is mixed media paintings, so there doesn't need to be a background.  But is it better to have one?

Kale Van LEeuwen Booth Shot.jpg

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  • Back door in the booth or the picture of the booth for jurying? For the picture, I'd recommend not. Three ten foot walls of artwork is best and creates an easier to read in a short period of time booth picture. At the show, whatever way makes you more comfortable making sales. I sit behind my booth and have a three foot opening in the back with a desk.

    The black borders are only to square the images for ZAPP. You do not need them for JAS. ZAPP will tell you the borders are no longer necessary but the shows haven't changed how they jury. The only thing that's changed is ZAPP has dumbed down the wording on their web site for the people who don't know how to edit their images. What they try not to tell you is that they reformat your images squaring them with black borders (degrading your JPEGs) when you apply to any of the better shows. It's always best to do it right so you have the most control over your important jury images.

    Larry Berman

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    • Initial critique of your booth is that the white sunlight areas draw the jurors eyes instead of having them look at the artwork or booth set up. It's always better to shoot a booth picture on an overcast or cloudy day.

      Your booth can also use a little rearranging. Try to separate the still lifes, animals and scenics. Keep the theme that's visible to the jurors consistent. If you move the camera over to the left a little you'll only see the work on the back and right wall but still be able to tell that there are pieces hanging on the left. That will make it easier to keep a consistent theme for jurying.

      Larry Berman

      • I struggle with what to display for jurors, I do the same methods in my work, but vary in subject matters.  I don't really want to limit what I can bring to shows by just submitting marbles, or abstracts, etc.  So I am still trying to figure out a happy medium.

         I do agree with the sun, I didn't have much choice in the matter at the time.  I can kill some of the sunlight in photoshop.  But will continue to tweak my shot for spring shows 2014.  Thanks for the input Larry.

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