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Print Racks

I am considering making my own but would rather just purchase, if I can find them.

Different than the Richeson style I have.

What I desire:

Print racks:

A) Fairly deep gusset, greater than 9" to accommodate the many prints I'd like to fill.

B) As co

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custom tablecovers?

Hi!  I have upgraded my booth, and I purchased the 4-foot tables that fold in the middle (from Sam's) that were discussed in another thread.  I like that they will telescope to 36" tall.


Does anyone know of a good source for fitted table covers?  C

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4 foot tables?

I again re-designed my booth a bit and need a sturdy 4ft table. I have one from Wal-Mart, but it is a bit flimsy. I want one of the sturdy plastic ones. Does anyone have a good resource for this?

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