A Vent about my Tent!

I'm a newbie and I know you're not supposed to give up on your tent until after a handful of tries, but my Trimline, well... it's kind of a pain. Is there anything else out there that is sturdy but easier with less pieces to cart around? I don't even like putting up a camping tent let alone this one with 30+ pieces. I had my dad helping me on my first show and even he said it took too long. My next show has a setup time starting after 8:30pm. I'm having nightmares about envisioning myself staying until after midnight assembling this beast in the dark. Does it really get better? It would have to improve by a vast amount for me to get it up faster. Do I have to sacrifice all my quality to get a tent that rises up easier? Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks so much!

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  • Hi Sheri, I haven't used a Trimline before, I purchased a Showoff because after doing some research some women had commented it was easy for them to setup themselves, and that was key for me since I knew I would be doing everything myself.

    At first it was taking me forever too to put together my tent but each time I do it it takes a little less because I realize I did something silly and know not to do it next time. I bet by the end of the summer you will be a pro and can do it in no time!

    How did Plymouth go for you? It was good on my end, being my first year there, I hope to do it again next year.

    • Hi Alanna! Debbie above recommended a Showoff as well. I have not done a show by myself yet, my parents came to help. I know I will soon though. I'll have to look into a Showoff if I can't handle my Trimline.  Thank you for the advice and kind words!

      Plymouth did not go as I had hoped. I felt the booth fee was too high. For the amount of work and money I've put into art fairs, I don't think it will be profitable enough for me to continue if things keep going the way they are. I had such high hopes that this would be a good fit for me when I returned from my trip. I will have to rethink what I my next steps will be. :(

  • Show Off is the best!
    • Hi neighbor! So nice to meet you and thank you for all the help and advice during my very first show! Good luck to you back in Florida!

      • Best wishes for Ann Arbor. It will be the easiest setup ever with the tent provided! Hope you have a gazillion sales and fantastic comments from patrons. You are on a bright path. All the best! Debbie Smith
  • I agree that practice will allow you to become more efficient.  Also, go to Flourish's website and watch the videos.  They can be very helpful.  Lastly, don't be intimidated by "all the parts".  It actually goes together in a logical manner.

    • Thank you! I've been watching the videos!

  • Practice. And leave as many of the small pieces attached as you can.
  • Practice at home.

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