Ferndale, MI

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Wyandotte Art Fair

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What are the best things about art fairs

Great to meet customers and get to know them, making great sales :)

Best show ever and why

Ann Arbor Art Fair has been best sales, Plymouth + Belle Isle are great too, nice settings and sales.

Worst show ever and why

Any with storms or super cold weather...

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What is one fun fact about yourself?

I like to explore and photograph abandoned buildings.

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  • Thank you, Alanna, for referring Eric Deeter to Art Fair Insiders.
  • Thank you, Alanna, for referring Linda Patroske to Art Fair Insiders.
  • Thank you, Alanna, for referring Linda Patroske to Art Fair Insiders.
  • How much are you asking for your mesh walls??
  • Hey Alanna, 

    Did you do the D.U.C.F.?  How did you do and what do you think about it?  I applied but didn't make the cut so I was anxious to check it out and went on sunday...it was packed!  Lots of interesting and really creative stuff but only one other knit/felt artist that I could see.  Btw, I went to Poesy on your suggestion and she's now carrying my bags and pins,so thanks.  I really like the Yellow Door too but they didn't have a vacant booth so I'm on the wait list...love that place!  Happy Holidays!

  • Hi Alanna, I'm not participating in Funky Ferndale, I'm just planning to go and check it out for the first time and maybe try to get in next year.  Is DIY running concurrently?  I know they canceled it and then brought it back but thought it was a different week-end.  If you're there, I'll definitely look for you...good luck!  Hope it doesn't rain on saturday...

  • Hey Alanna, are you doing the Funky Ferndale Art Fair?  I'm planning to go and will look for you if you'll be there...

  • Thanks, Alanna, I'll visit them both next week and hopefully I'll get to meet you at the D.U.C.F.  Best of Luck!

  • Are both the Yellow Door and Poesy in Berkley?  Thanks for the information, will have to get over there.  I've also applied to the Detroit Urban Craft Fair in December, do you know about that?  Check out their site, not sure whether they're still taking apps., but maybe...

  • Hi Alanna, welcome to Art Fair Insiders!  I, too, live in Ferndale and need to investigate some places to sell my fiber art...I saw an article about Poesy in the Free Press but haven't made it over there yet.  Do you do well there?  We just moved back to the Detroit area after having lived in south-central Mich. for 15 years and we actually went to the Wyandotte Art Fair this summer, as we lived for a time in Allen Park before moving to Coldwater. It always seems like a good one and a great location...anyhoo, we're glad to have you among us and let's keep in touch...

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