Last five months

I told myself that will keep this year my post low and keep a low profile. I like to meet the people that are part of the group but at the same time I created problems for myself.

Last October was my worst month as income goes. As eternal hopeful I am I was hoping the One of A Kind Show and Chicago will save me has it has done in the past but it was not the case. I got some orders for the Holidays and that help but my moral was low.

To make things worst, I also only got into only three shows for the winter. The choice was simple: gamble my savings for the winter or stay put and using my savings to hold on until the shows start again, I am assuming I will get into shows. I find myself wondering what I will do for the next four or five months. I realize, I wont be able to work in new images until the month of March. My lady friend asking what you would for the next months.

I find myself in a cage. I decide to ask if my old job need help for the holidays and winter. I manage to get 20 hours in there. I am surely found myself doubting my choice of living the company but surely enough I found out that I did the correct choice for myself.

I Also found myself doing a recommendation of my lady friend I sign up for Postmates (an app for people with a money or no time to get stuff for themselves). Postmates turn to be a great choice since as time when I start bring in at least 500 a week per 20 to 25 hours of work. The best part I sign when I want and keep busy enough that make my time away from lady friend pass faster. At this point I will doing it with the shows.

Artists may think that I could support of myself with my art or was not good enough to get into shows but there is no really reason why some have great success and other don’t. Even worst how thing in art show change from day to day and weekend to weekend. The weekend before Cottonwood, I was part of Amdur productions boot camp. It was great experience since I basically confirm base what she was talking I already doing everything she recommends to do.

I head early to Dallas to spend some days with lady friend before the show. My first show of the year (2015) was Cottonwood. While I find myself meeting people, I was concern of people knowing about my post specially when promoters I told me that I do not speak highly of some the shows, I had been black listed.

I think the best part of the show was spending time with James Parker, Karen, Anita, Stephen, Mark and Wendy. I think they all have a great show. I have a bad Saturday and good solid Sunday but not enough to make up for the bad Saturday. I should walk out of there sad but I walk feeling very relax and happy. I really can not tell you why but I just saw the show as work time and nothing else. The dinner time with my friends and the days before with my lady friend make me appreciated my life.

During the show I was looking how the new people react to the my first two 30X45 frame to 36X51 and introducing the 18X24. Both was successful and the only thing was I could not sale one of the large pieces. I also figure out what speed I need to drive with the trailer attach to match ratio of fill up the gas tank when I was not using the trailer. So overall you may not see reviews about the shows from me anymore but more about the experience of doing the show because lets face it when I am at the show I going to the mobil show to work. Plus there are thing that people tell you that I am doing because it is good advice and for that I am grateful.

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  • What Oscar describes matches what I have come to see as "the new normal" out on the show circuit.  "I have a bad Saturday and good solid Sunday but not enough to make up for the bad Saturday." What Oscar says here probably sums up the general pattern, and this little gem: "Even worst how thing in art show change from day to day and weekend to weekend." Perfect. This describes my experience exactly as I stepped off the street back in 2009, and his response: "Postmates turn to be a great choice since as time when I start bring in at least 500 a week per 20 to 25 hours of work." Someone is reading someone's mind here because I too have picked up a job not unlike Postmates that makes ok money yet is fully flexible so as to no interfere with shows.  (in my case it's subbing in public schools).  But the finale is this remark:  "I think the best part of the show was spending time with James Parker, Karen, Anita, Stephen, Mark and Wendy."  Isn't this the real reason we all chose this crazy way to live, i.e., the sharing time with likeminded people where everyone is doing what they enjoy?  I'm NOT a particularly social individual but the several inter artist conversations I inevitably have at each show is worth more than money and is why many of us stay with the shows even if common sense would advise otherwise.

  • They can deliver anything and that cross my mind. They starting to add that part little by little with small business. 

  • Does Postmate deliver photos? How has this been useful in your business?

    I can see your work being popular in Texas, the lushness of the greens and the graphic elements.

  • Oscar, it is good to hear from you.  These ups and downs can really do a number on self-confidence.  You seem to have made the best of the winter.  I hope that the summer brings better sales.  Best of luck.


  • I do both Cottonwood every year except for last spring when i was about to full time with the shows because i needed time to adjust somethings. The show has never been super good for me but has been good and kind to me. Cottonwood crowd seems to like my work but you still have people that never seem before or I did not stand out. Most of buyers see me at the show before and come buy at the next time they me. Must people that purchase from me at the spring was people that saw me at the fall but since the fall show was slow or basically bad I did not have a strong spring show as normallly I do. The fall show may be good for me but whoo knows. I always have new images but I test them small before I go big.

    Next show is Prairie Village Art Show 2015.

    Postmates is app in iphone and android. It is a deliver service. The only thing they won't deliver is people. The normal time is a hour. 

  • These winters can be very long, especially if you've been doing back to back art fairs for many months. Sounds like you made it through though, Oscar. Over the years I know you've gone to Texas to do this show several times. How many? Do you also do it in the fall? How did this year's sales compare to other times? Did the buyers like your new work? I'd guess you had new images to show after the winter.

    What is Postmates? and how does it work?

    What is your next show?

  • Nice to hear from you again, Oscar.  It sounds like you've got it pretty well figured out, maybe a more positive attitude going forward will help you in all aspects of life and art...hope so!

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