80% Marketing and 20% Creating

Just read this terrific article at Alyson Stanfield's Art Biz Blog: "The Truth about Why Nobody Came to Your Art Show"

Like everything else in life, it gets down to you. You want others to do the work of bringing them, you assume they will, but not always, baby. Here is why they didn't show up:

  1. You didn't tell them about it. (you thought the show would do the promo)
  2. You told your list about it, but didn't cover your bases. (maybe they didn't read it, maybe they were distracted)
  3. You were afraid to send email reminders. (this is a tricky one, it seems I'm always self-promoting, and it is a little embarrassing to be continually asking, however ...)
  4. You let your list get cold. (oh, oh, you didn't continue to share your "story" and believe me, artists have great stories, and your people drifted away)

Alyson writes a very helpful blog. So go take a look at it and get some ideas on building your own personal fan base. Then come back here and tell me how inspired you are now!

And here is the good news, if we all pay attention to our personal fans and they come to the show they say they already have enough of my work, then they buy from you! and your fans buy from me ...

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  • Thanks for sharing this with us, Connie...very informative and inspiring, great information!  Signing up for her free email updates sounds like a good idea too.

  • Very helpful.  Thanks for sharing!

  • FYI - You can also sign up for Alyson's free email updates that come out several times a week. They're loaded with great marketing info.

  • I have been a fan of ArtBizBlog and Ms. Stanfield for a few years now. She's full of fantastic info.

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