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Downtown Monroe Street Fair

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Seeing all the people, visiting and relaxing....at least relaxing away from my kids...

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  • Thank you, Christy, for referring Patrick Barley to Art Fair Insiders.
  • Hi Christy,
    Join our new group "Carolina Artisians" Artists from North & South Carolina, sharing Art & Craft show information, opinions and networking .

    Website: http://www.artfairinsiders.com/​group/carolinaartisians
  • It's at the St. Nicholas Cultural Center on East Paris Ave. (The big domed church that sits off the road.)
  • Christy,

    I'm working on a variety of figurative clay sculptures. I'll be at the Potters Guild show Nov. 13 & 14th.
  • Hi Christy.... thanks for the invite I'm also working on setting up a section of my studio for air brushing .
  • Hi , just strolling around on this website and I encountered your work. No idea if you do any shows this year but we have the Mayslake Peabody estate Art Fair on July 25-26. application www.allianceoffineart.com I thought your work would fit in at the right spot. Oak Brook
  • This summer I plan to do a show in Dixboro - Art on the Green and the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival. The first is a one day show the other is a three day show. I might do one in fall but have not picked one out yet.
  • I do sell some of my work on eBay. There are definate up and down periods on eBay... that coorespond with people getting outdoors. Right now for example things are starting to warm up outside so as you progress into the spring-summer I find that I'm better off doing things outside. A lot of people wait to sell their items until Fall but honestly I guess it depends on the market for your products. That is, what time of year are people most likely to purchase your unique artwork. Before opening an Ebay store you might want to consider listing a few items on eBay. I think there may be a movement away from the store format these days. I have just stuck to listing a few items at a time. Ebay used to be a leader in auction formats but their marketing and pricing strategies have shifted dramatically in the past year or two, which has driven market share to Amazon.com. I have not sold anything on Amazon, but know that Amazon had a really good year considering all the news of economic uncertainty. I think that the best thing to do is not listen to the news and dig in and work smarter not harder. I do a few shows in your area since my folks live down your way.
  • Aside from an art show that a Church does for me in Huntington NY, all the rest have been here in Michigan. I have been selling more and more online so I have yet to decide if I will do as many shows here in Michigan this year as last. I like to schedule them around family so I have a reason to go visit them and to help keep expenses under control. How about you? Do you do a lot of shows in Michigan?
  • Nice work Christy.
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