Wind proof tent or canopy suggestions?

Hello everyone!

Being in the Pacific Northwest, rain is the main issue when it comes to weather but the wind also gets a little out of control. I'm doing some light research for tents/pop-ups and canopies that are resistant to high winds. Any suggestions from experience or word of mouth is greatly appreciated!



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  • An jeweler who flies to some of his shows passed this info on to me at Jackson, WY. For weights he goes to Home Depot and buys 5 gallon buckets of dry wall mud and bags of pea gravel. After the show he returns them for full refund. He ships his cases that break down to his hotel and carries inventory as baggage. The microbursts I have encountered simply moved my entire booth, scooting it across pavement or grass around one corner leg. Bent 1" steel conduit corner pole but no other damage.
  • Thanks again everyone for all your help and info. I did come across this Canopy buyer's guide that shares some good info about what to look for when selecting a canopy. Provides some good anchoring systems, customizable canopies and various styles. I don' think I'll ever use an octapae style, but never know!

  • 301679846?profile=RESIZE_480x480This is how I secure my weights to my tent legs. 40 lb dumbells... This photo was taken in Fairhope, AL. after a strong wind and rain storm that destroyed 40+ tents...mine was unharmed. The rubber pads underneath the legs really help reduce friction and sliding when set up on a street surface.

    I have upper and lower sta-bars.

    I also have two additional sets of weights that are the cement filled 4" pvc pipe ...but I primarily use the dumbells. The threaded eye bolt on top also allows me to use straps to fasten them to the top of the canopy  but I am not sure how good of an idea that is on a pop up tent with non-metal connectors. The threaded "U" bolts secure them to where they won't move.

    There is only so much that we can do and then it is up to the wind gods to cut us some slack.

  • A few things are needed; Sta-Bars top and bottom to keep the legs rigid. If the winds are really crappy, add another Sta-Bar in the front of the booth when you button up for the evening or if the sirens go off and the sky is glowing purple, but in that case you've got more to worry about than the booth contents =8-0

    The next is adequate tent weights, in which case 40 pounds on each corner are a minimum, and double weight bags filled with pea gravel are in order for high wind areas which could get you 100 pounds on each corner. Keep the bags or weights off the ground as that reduces the available weight on the legs and the tent can slide easier. Don't hang the bags or weights high as that raises the center of gravity and the tent could flip end over tea kettle and everyone suffers. Keep the weights close to the ground as possible without touching the ground, and make sure they're secured so they can't swing back and forth.

    Find a tent with a top that has buckles to secure it to the tent frame, or one that has loops on the outside corners that you can tie down to the tent feet or dog stakes.

    The solution is to make the legs rigid and secure with Sta-bars, have enough weight on the corners to keep the feet planted, and strap down the canopy so it can't blow loose from sudden high gusts. Nothing portable is windproof, but taking extra measures can keep you in place and secure during Hundred Year thunderstorms short of tornadoes or hurricanes.

  • A joke, right? To a point the canopy is resistant to wind depending on how much weight you use and how it's positioned. Past that point the top is going to fly off no matter how much weight.

    The sturdiest are the heavy duty circus tents but they're opaque. No light gets in which defeats the purpose.

    Larry Berman

    • Thanks Larry! I'm sure we've all seen tents and canopies being lifted or knocked over from high winds. I know most will withstand a constant push but it's the really high unpredictable gusts I want to prepare for.

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