This one will hopefully spark a good conversation!

In short, what mix of inventory do you take with you to a show?  What sells?

I'm not talking about subject matter as that is as varied and random as there are exhibitors.  I'm talking about sizes: 5x7 print, 8x10 print, 16x20 canvas, 24x30 canvas and what not.  What do you find sells better for you - the smaller prints or the larger?  Do canvas prints do well for you sales wise or has their popularity fallen off for whatever reason (economy, metal prints, etc)?  Do you sell larger matted or framed prints?  How do they sell for you?

Are your items high-ticket in price or more "budget friendly"?  Do you bundle (1 print is x, 2 prints is 1.5x) or something like that?


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  • Hey Ron - It's the million dollar question. OK, maybe the thousand dollar question. i'm in either my fourth or fifth year - they're all running together - so some old hands will have more reliable thoughts but my bottom line is: you never know. Prepare for everything. Expect nothing and then you can be surprised by any upside.

    All of my wall art is canvas - but framed. It fits my style.

    My bin prints are in three sizes: 8x10 unmated, 8x10 matted to 11x14, 13x19 matted to 16x20. So I have a variety of prices and then offer discounts for multiples. I can't tell you what sells at any particular show. Some shows, I've sold only bin prints. Sometimes I'll sell practically nothing until lthe last few hours then sell three wall pieces right in a row. Some shows I've come to expect I'll sell a good mix. I used to sell note cards, but they're a pain in the butt to carry from show to show. My prices range from $20 to several hundred for my wall pieces. 

    Hope that helps.

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