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I'm just starting out, so my layout is pretty simple. More problematic, however, is I haven't yet done an outdoor show, so I have no proper booth pic. I've been using pics from indoor shows I've done, but those are obviously very different than what I would set up with a tent.

How do you get around this?

Also, can't really set it up in my backyard, as I live in WI and there's still generally snow on the ground.

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The obvious solution is a set up at home. I usually have one or two artists come to my house in the winter and set up in the snow. Then I make it look like it was set up on concrete or grass, which ever they prefer.

A tip. Contact the show you plan on applying to and ask how you should handle it. Some shows will stand their ground and require a booth picture. But some shows may ask for a grouping of your work (multiple pieces arranged on the ground or hanging on a wall), and some shows will settle for another art picture called a booth in your profile so you can complete an application where a booth is required. I recommend calling over e-mail.

Larry Berman

You have to do whatever it takes-we WERE from Minnesota & no one has/had snow like Minnesota! It is no fun, but perhaps you can go to a plowed parking lot & set one up?! Ask permission at a school or church after they plowed-bring your hot thermos of coffee & chlli because you will be there awhile! There ARE WAYS. (WE HAVE DONE THIS-IT WORKS!) Some shows won't jury you without one, so I wouldn't take that chance. I would say a parking lot, start out early so you still have LIGHT-we even brought our barbecue & made a day out of it-stay warm & have FUN!  Good luck to you-BTW~pick a nice day with the right kind of light you need for your kind of set-up~YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

Hi Cassie,

First of all, let me welcome you to the fold and tell you how pleased we are to have you.  You'll receive plenty of great advice here, as you already have, so just run with it and good luck!

Check your local art center, which I believe there is one in Appleton. They may have a studio with high ceilings, in which case you may be able to rent the space for the day or several hours to set up a booth and photograph it. My last booth shot was done inside at a business where I do some work at . Their ceilings are 10' with dropped ceiling grid. One of the the tiles was lifted by the peak of the tent but no biggie as they are designed to be dropped in place by hand.


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