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I know it's earlier in the week than we usually begin this post, but here goes.  What are you doing this weekend?

Summer is in full swing now that we are in June.  There are not as many shows around here this time of year as in the fall and spring.  There are some but they are fewer and far between.  The summer is so hot that I pass up any shows since they are usually outdoors.  Temps in the (soon to be) 90's and humidity to match makes it hard, long, HOT day.  I am keeping my eye open for any shows but I don't have any going on this weekend.  However, I will be working on my products and my new website.

Saturday there is a craft day at our church.  Ladies bring whatever they are working on and work on it in our group.  We have a broad range ... crochet, knit, mixed media, altered objects, scrapbooking, card making, quilting, sewing, etc.  We all learn informally from each other.  If we see someone working on something that we want to know more about we can go sit or stand near where they are are working, watch & ask questions.  We can learn about "new to us" art/crafts, methods, tools, etc.  We have a wonderful group of ladies and we are a drama-free group.  Drama has never been a real factor in our group but if it reared its head, it would not be tolerated.  The group is open to ladies in our church and the community at large.

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I am nowhere !!- well, making pots and doing the usual weekend thing- going over to Ohio to work on my studio over there.

I have been reading the show reviews here and getting antsy to do a show- my first one isn't until July!

Have a good weekend, everyone.

Staying home, thank goodness :-)

I'm getting ready for Talbot Street here in Indianapolis next week, doing new prints and reprinting sold inventory. I got lucky, found a bunch of pre-cut mattes I had for photos that had been set aside, and lost under a ton of clutter. That will save more than a few bucks :-)
Things get busy with a show every weekend up through the second weekend in July.

I am changing the oil & filter on my lawnmower and also on my generator today.

Just finished changing the oil & filter on my van this morning. I'll change the oil & filter on the jeep tomorrow. This is like a maintenance marathon but when I get the momentum going it all goes faster.

The rest of the time is workshop time and barbecue time..with an emphasis on the BARBECUE....

We had our friends over last night.  Not a huge crowd but certainly a quality group.

This morning I went to craft with some friends.  I painted 3 candlesticks and a glass bottle, similar to a wine bottle but with much more character.  I am going to work on them some more this evening or tomorrow.

I stopped at my local chalk paint supplier.  We had a good visit.  I found out she is setting up a website and is thinking of having links to websites for people who buy the paint to paint things for sale.

Home now and have started using my diffuser and essential oils.  I have been wanting to use EO for a while.  About to work on my website some.

Greg, my dh has been working on his 77 Monte Carlo, putting in an intermittent wiper switch.  A two hour job has turned into an all afternoon job.

I bought 16 quarts of essetnial synthetic oils and 4 filters for this weekneds projects. I won't pay the mechanic for something i can do myself.

Your oils are for your vehicles?  Mine are for the home.

Jean is in DC and Philly with #3 grandson visiting historic sites so I have had the weekend to myself. I have 6 garden beds and 8 raised bed that I finished mulching with newspaper and black plastic. At 7000' the growing season is short and this heats soil, controls weeds and reduces water needed. Most of the produce goes to food bank. I have hog wire up around all of them but have to add chicken wire around bottom to fend off the rabbits which have increased in numbers. The coyotes have migrated to the suburbs for easier pickings with pets rather than deer or small mammals. Last task outside today is to take down 5 dead aspen and one dead pine. I may run the gas out of the chain saw on the wood pile. Then I can work on some antique saddle restorations in the studio. Next show for me is Steamboat Springs, CO 7/8-9/17. A couple of Jean's college friends from Wyoming are coming down to stay at the condo with us. I made reservations for an extra day at Hot Sulfur Springs, CO on the way home. Have to keep Jean happy, LOL.


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