Anybody knows this show?

Is it worth it, is it more fine art, craft, or somewhere in between? Is it well organized? What about the attendance?

I have never tried any art shows on the West coast of Michigan yet...

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  • I will tell you my experience with it. I have participated in the show for the past 4 years. And for the first 3, my sales went up each year, but last year were down to my first year's numbers, I don't know if it was just the economy catching up to my customers finally? It is juried and fine art and in a good location (but load in and out do take a while because there is just one road, but they organize it the best they can).There are a lot of people in town for the weekend and they do buy. My mom actually runs the show with another fellow from the art club, as well as the craft show on Venetian weekend. And so I can tell you that it is very well organized and they do try their hardest to choose the top work that applies and keep out buy/sell. They have actually asked a guy to leave during the show. As far as the other person's comment on South Haven, I think that show can be good for some people. It depends on what kind of work you do. A lot of people will do the Waterfront on Sat. and then the South Haven one on Sunday because they are only 20 min apart, but I stopped doing the South Haven one after 2 years because it was getting too crafty, and it was always the same artists there, and my sales were not much the first year there and then went down from there the second, it is more of a jewlry and crafty crowd of buyers, so if you make some jewlry in the $20-$50 range you'll probably do well because I did see a lot of that sold. It is always well attended and always very hot, but there is some shade. Neither show is very expensive to try out one year. Feel free to ask me more about either Saugatuck show...

    • Thanks for your answer Aron. Very helpful.

      I know economy is not helping. Some shows I usually do good were down last year, and some were really bad. I am trying to shop around more this year.

  • If that's what the July Fourth weekend show is called, there is also a good show the next day in Southhaven, a half hour away. I used to do both shows.
    Larry Berman

  • Nope. When I saw your headline I immediately 'read' Charlevoix, whose Waterfront art fair is possibly the best West Coast show in Michigan. Sorry, I'm coming in here with the wrong information.

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