I am just getting started with show and I'm looking to purchase the following.

10' X 10' tent prefer Finale or Showcase

Propanels, 6' or 7' preferably knockdown, adj legs

Misc accessories, lighting.

I'm in colorado but may travel in some neighboring states to pick up the if desirable. 




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  • Hi,

    If this looks good to you, send me an email and we can try to figure out how to make the deal work, I'm motivated

    Bob ( email: playspace@earthlink.net )

  • Hello Philomena -

    I have the 7' knock-down onyx (black) panels by Armstrong for sale. Fits a 10x10 tent or booth space (or smaller as needed). Makes the art really pop.

    6  3x7 Stackable Gallery Panels
    8  12"x39" Skirt (for the bottom)
    6  Luxo Lamps
    2 Heavy Duty power bars, industrial velcro-backed
    10  5' Picture Hanging Cables with adjustable hooks
    8  Extra Hooks (for Cables)
    3  Panel Straight Locks
    2  Panel Corner Locks 90°
    4  Panel Angle Locks 45°
    1  T-Panel Lock
    2  Stabilizer Bars
    1  Telescoping Stabilizer Bar (Compacts to 2')
    2  Carrying Cases with zippers
    3  Clear Plastic Shelves, industrial velcro backed (for small matted prints, greeting cards, literature)

    The set is in excellent condition, easy and quick to put up.

    I am in Colorado Springs, if you are still looking...

    - Sonya Shannon

  • I have a 10' x 10' Flourish Trimline Canopy for sale in Atlanta. Are you still looking?

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