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Hi, everyone - A friend built nice wooden platforms and uprights for my paintings and show stuff, in the back of my big van. I want to cover these with pieces of that thin rug stuff you can get at home depot/lowe's. What have you all used to attach these rugs to your vans? Small brads work OK but I wonder if anyone has found a better solution? 


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  • You could also use double sided carpet tape. No staples to possibly scratch anything

    • Another great idea! I didn't even know such a thing existed. Thanks, Greg. 

      • can get it at Lowes, home depot or probably any carpet store

  • I staple (3/8" staples) the rug to my platform and then hammer the staples in to make sure they won't catch on anything.

    Larry Berman

    • of course! See, this is why I asked. I have staples and a stapler, and yet, this would never have occurred to me. Thanks, Larry. 

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