Trimline Frosty Top?

I am finally biting the bullet, opening the wallet, opting for less stress and getting a Trimline. I do pottery and light is extremely important. I am fairly sure I am going with the all frosty top but the Flourish folks said hotter than just the strip or front. If the weather is decent I have 3 sides open on my tent so was thinking heat might not be an issue. Anyone using the all-frosty-top (sounds like a song..."good old frosty top, frosty top Tennessee" :-) )? thoughts? 

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  • Janet we use the all frosty top. We don't hang in our booth that much so heat hasn't been an issue. Maybe if you are a jeweler it would be a big issue. On real hot days we run fans, just like everyone else. The best part of all frosty is that it is much lighter. Setting up will be easier. I think you are doing brookhaven. Michael will have the all frosty 15' set up. I will have the regular 15' at Ponce.
    • Great, I planned to go looking around at Trimlines at Brookhaven. I'll stop by (I'd want to stop by and say hello either way :-) ).

      • Booth 21-22. Michael loves talking about frosty tops
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