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Hey everyone!

I have just recently decided I can actually do some art shows.  Going to start local and then see what happens.  The problem is I am trying to figure out what all I need and where I might be able to find some of it.  

I have purchased a tent and I know where I am getting my prints from.  

Other things I have thought of

1) bags and backing boards for prints

2) display walls (

3) 1-2 tables (I think I am going to get these from Walmart.)

What am I missing?  Any suggestions on where to find the display walls cheaper?

M. Scott

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Clear bags for backing and wrapping for prints. 5 foot tall for grids is too short. They need to be at least 6foot.

larry Berman 

I would check Amazon for gridwall- I got free shipping getting mine from there. 

Tablecloths for the tables 

Racks to go on the tables to display prints, etc.

Something to hold cash so you can make change

Signage, price labels...

I'm sure there's other stuff too...

If you want to take credit cards, you need to sign up with or another provider. Heavy weights for the tent corners - you can make these with PVC and concrete with eyebolts embedded.

There are many lists of things you need to do the shows on this site. You'll be amazed at what you need. Search the site for "lists of things needed for shows", something like that. Or search for James Parker -- he did an amazing list some years ago. In fact, Scott, search for any of the topics that you're concerned about. With 1000's of posts on this site it is quite likely it's been covered here.


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