Time to Buy a Cargo Van


I'm a new artist breaking into the art show business and I am looking at cargo vans. Does anybody here have any experience with this? Anything that you wish you would have known before you bought the van? Is there a certain max mileage that I should avoid? I see lots for sale under $6000 but they all have 150,000+ mileage... I really don't know what I'm doing so I don't know if that's bad... 

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  • Thanks a bunch everyone! I'll keep these tips in mind during my search!

  • Great suggestions, Alison and Diane.

    There was an extended discussion on here not long ago Ford vs Chevy vans. But I wanted to tell you also that you need not necessarily be considered about high mileage. We recently had our 1995 Ford Cargo Van E250 in for servicing, 160,000+ miles, and the whole service team came to admire it and were amazed at what great shape it was in. Therefore, if you buy from a private buyer find out what kind of driving it has been used for and the maintenance records, of course.

  • Alison is right - definitely consider Enterprise sales.  The cars they sell were actually fleet vehicles that they have maintained - not their rental vehicles.  I bought my mini van from Enterprise and have been very pleased.  I know others who have also purchased through enterprise and have been equally pleased.   Their cars are late models but they do have set prices - no haggling.  That suits me fine but some people love the haggling stage.

  • Look at Enterprise.  They not only sell their retired vans but also take trade-ins on them which they also sell.  I got a nice E350 extended length with 80,000 miles for around $8000.  

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