I'm looking to ramp up my website presence so I would like to get some feedback as to what you all think. I plan to spend the next couple of months making necessary changes and learning more about the internet game.  My site is www.knittygrittybysara.com. Thanks!

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  • I agree with the others, lose the green or at least tone it down A LOT (pastel).

    Live hyperlink your email address, people like easy. Also repeat it throughout your site. I put mine in the footer so it is on every page. You should also have a sign-up for somewhere on the site (most likely your contact page). Developing a mailing list is golden.

    I also really want to see some evidence that the maker is involved in the process. Some studio images or artist at work images are great. Good luck - Jay

    PS here's what I've done http://www.jaymcdougall.com

    • A man after my own heart! Yes, the signup box is so important. Maybe right now you don't think you're going to use those emails, but another day you will wish you had them. And yes -- an image of you Sara, your place, personalize it. This is not just about "product" it is about you.

  • Sara, as you have learned this is an ongoing project, never stops ... but good for you. I so much believe in the power of the Internet to help sell work and to bring additional income to an artist's life.

    My business and all my sites have been greatly helped by the mentoring and direction I've gotten from Scott Fox (my son). One of his sites is expertwebsitereviews.com. He does reviews of websites for a very reasonable price and makes a video on how and what to do.

    He has done a bunch for artists, he knows our business obviously. Here is a sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Az6CScKTQ9k

    Save yourself some time and get help that will make your job easier and then you can get back to the important things, like knitting!! (which is, of course, where you make your money)

    • THanks for the input! I appreciate the advice!

  • The green that you used is TOO much it irritates the eyes.  use more pictures,  i would ck out other sites that sell something similar to what you sell.  but the green is wrong.

  • Hi Sara,

    I'd loose the green and choose a page background color that is more harmonious with your creations, like a softer pastel color. Green is one of those colors people either like or dislike. Personally it turns me off.

    Larry Berman

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