Hello! I am looking for any information to the Three Rivers Art in the park in Fort Wayne. I don't find anything new on that event and would love any feed back-thank you

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  • Hi, Deb! The Zapp link for Art in the Park is https://www.zapplication.org/event-info.php?ID=11915.

    If you are interesetd in Fort Wayne Art Fairs, check out the West Central Home Tour ArtsFest - https://westcentralneighborhood.org/tour-info/. Small, but lots of fun and good crowds that buy art.


    ZAPP Event Information - Three Rivers Festival: Art in the Park 2024
    Read more about Three Rivers Festival: Art in the Park 2024 on ZAPPlication
    • Thank you Meg.  I agree with your thoughts on the West Central Home tour Artfest.  We did this last year for the first time and couldn't have asked for a better first time experience! The people, the atmosphere, everything, that is one of the reasons I was asking about anyones experience with the Three Rivers Festival. 


  • It's been quite a few years since I did that show, and my results were not good at all. Like you, I'm a photographer, but you might stand a chance with your florals. I found the crowds to be conservative and at the low end. I see you're in Florida, and I would not advise a trip just for this show only. If you have a free palce to stay, that would factor in, or if you have another show to bookend with this one. Another show to consider in the area is a small one, the Covington ARt Fair, which is not on ZAPP or the usual show sites like that. You'll have to Google it, and it is put on by the Asher Agency. It will be a paper app with a CD/DVD, possibly online entry for the images now.

    • Thank you Robert.  I am not in Florida, there's an Osceola in Indiana, so it's not that far for me.  I am aware of the Covington show and will be trying to get into that one this year.


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