Think you have a lot on your plate?

Many of the artists here at AFI have full time day jobs in addition to their art work business.  Below are just a small portion of the artists at AFI who do something else for their day job. 

Michelle James  -  I work full time in IT and full time in Art Shows  -  she uses both sides of the brain.

Patricia Manus  -  My husband and I are both in IT for our day jobs  -  about as far removed from art as you can get!

Donna Jadis  -  I’m also a musician, actress, singer, and fiction writer - as well as being a technical writer for IT security during the week.

Jeffrey W. Boswell  -  I am a musician/music teacher learning to be comfortable in the visual arts.

Jennifer Mary Xerri  -  I am also a Dj!

Kim Shirley  -  I work part time at an ice cream of the coolest jobs I have ever had(and so much fun!)

Yes, Kim, your job sounds fun!

Brittany Bindrim  -  I am the vocalist and song writer for the band I:Scintilla.

Look up Brittany's band.  I googled it and found lots of info on her band.

Cathie Shaffer  -   My dad gave me a typewriter and a sewing machine for Christmas one year and I now use BOTH. I do medical transcription (typing) by day and bridal accessories by night. I designed costumes for our theatre group in our area for 10 years

Mary Jo Gardere  -  I’m a 30 year veteran elementary art teacher finally attempting to market my own art work.  Hoping to be successful enough to finally quit my “day job”!

Sue Cadamagnani  -  In college, I sold dog tags door-to-door.

I love the way Ilona describes her jobs.  Sounds like a great Life slogan.

Ilona Pileika  -  Graphic designer by education, jewelry artist by heart, meat market owner by husband.

What job are you juggling during the day to keep yourself afloat while you get established in the art fair business?

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  • I did an art show 3weeks after a c-section with my baby strapped on in a sling. We are hardy folk in Ohio!
  • As an aside I worked 5 years for the IT dept of a hospital as 2nd level support. My hubby is a hardware/network guy. And I also do some web design on the side.
  • Trained in IT - current doing web design /hosting (my own business) - doing my art - and also a small tree nursery ....

    Notice how many people work with IT related ?  There are a lot of us using both sides of our brain!

  • I am a stay at home mom of 5 (13, 11, 9, 6, 9 mos). I participate in craft fairs selling soaps and art fairs selling sterling and copper jewelry. My husband works full time as a sales supervisor and we just started a ice cream catering business! I also provide ice cream wholesale to a few restaurants in our town! I make my jewelry at night or during nap time!
  • I work in banking to pay the bills, but passionately pursue shibori, silk bound resist dying as my full time business.  I long for the days when the silk will pay for itself, and support me full time, but until then it is full time in the marketplace, and full time in a job.

    • The creative process is what keeps us sane or is it the other way around?  

  • I'm a jewelry designer for much of the day and an author (two middle-grade reader's novels through HarprCollins) by night. Yeah, I know how to pick the most lucrative endeavors.

  • I am in my 34th year in my full-time job as an administrative assistant to the department head and HR specialist for our academic department at our local state university. I create jewelry using wire, clay, resin, etc in the evenings and weekends.

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