While I am familiar with the Naperville Riverwalk show that happens in September, I hadn't heard of the Women's Club Fine Art Fair that occurs in June.  Has anyone ever done this show and has anything to report?  I'd be curious to hear about others experiences with this show...



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  • I also did it years ago. It used to be in July. The heat must be why they moved the show to early June. I did pretty well the two-three years I did it, but it was so long ago, I can’t recall much except that the setting was attractive, with many large trees. I have applied to it as a back up for second week of July shows until this year, when it moved. I have been on the wait list every year, which I thought was odd considering it is a small show that I would think would not attract artists from very far away. Maybe it is grandfathered, and thus harder to get in than the ratios would otherwise have one believe?


    Toni: how disappointing, to think it was Riverwalk! Riverwalk is definitely the “name” show in Naperville, but it is extremely hard to get into.


  • I did this show many years ago. It's at a type of history renenactment homestead sort of place.

    I remember it being hot & somewhat slow.

    I mistakenly applied to it this year thinking that it was Riverwalk.

    Was put on the wiatlist. Not sure if I'll accept or not.

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