Taking credit cards in 2012

I'm looking for the most  CURRENT, up-to-date   info. on the best, most efficient method of taking

credit cards as payment.  Until now I have only taken cash / checks.  It seems that more

often  customers expect you to take credit cards -- so I'm trying to find out from those

experienced with this how I should proceed. I do not have anything but a basic cell phone --

do I need an adroid? Should I attach a white box to it  -- or is there something else?

I often work alone, so I need a device  that will expedite the process.  How much of an investment

should I make in this.?  Do you raise your prices to off-set the costs?  Any advice will be appreciated.


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  • Intuit looked good to me until I read the statement below regarding chargebacks. So I would get charged $20.00 + the amount of the transaction if someone does a chargeback whether it's valid or not. Really?

    Chargeback Fee

    This fee is assessed each time a customer-disputed charge is filed, in addition to the disputed transaction amount.




    • Never even looked at that  PRO Pay is $15 same rules!  25% better and sucking.

      • Square says their Chargeback fee is $0.
        • this is true - I had 1 chargeback with Square and didn't have to pay a fee.

          • Question-- How often do you get chargebacks?  Sadly, don't make that many CC sales so haven't "experienced" that but man--- that would not be cool.  Do you fight them ? So Square seems the "safest" perhaps, and page plus cellular the cheapest option... has anyone else used page plus cellular (or similar type company) ?  $30/mo for cell service and a data plan- wow... 

            • I've never had a charge back in two years but the first time I do - by by Pro Pay.

              • I've only been taking credit cards for a couple of years but have never had a charge back.  According to the bank, one of the reasons for charge backs is that people don't recognize the purchase on their statements. It makes sense to me...I'm always asking myself where the heck my money went.   For that reason, if someone purchases one of my paintings, their statement will read, Amy Perrier, Paintings. When you set up your credit card account, consider setting it up so that both your name and product will show up on the customer's statement.   I use square and love it.  It took a little getting used to not having a 24/7 support line but worth it imo. 

                • Yea - I read Melotte Photo Imagery - pretty much explains everything - I have never had a problem either.

  • I've been using Square for years, and I really like it. I had a problem one day with it, but was able to enter the info manually (yes, the cost is slightly higher, but not so much that it hurts).

    I also have, but have not used, Pay Anywhere, which is a similar gizmo. The thing with Pay Anywhere is that, before you start using it, you input your inventory, and then you can track your sales through your inventory. Instead of just charging $600 for a painting, you find "Bend in the River," which you've already priced at $600, and you click on it, and Pay Anywhere records the sale of that specific painting. 

    I think this sounds great, but I just haven't done the up front work. The charges, I believe, are pretty much the same as for Square, and the gizmo is pretty much the same, though it is a tad larger, which might make it easier to use.

    • I just used pay anywhere this past weekend, slow going at first but that was only because it's new to me. Went smoothly once I got past the learning curve. I really like that I can get a copy if the receipt also, and tracking sales is a lot easier. Swiping the card is better with the pay anywhere reader just one pass through most times. I didn't use the inventory option tho next show I will.
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