Here is an excel file of the sunshine artist top 100 Fine art shows organized by month with the show dates, locations and deadlines (on some of them)
I know I wish I'd had this information before signing up for shows this past year.  There are a few shows I added that dont have a # next to them that had high rankings from artists here on Art Fair insider blogs or reviews as well. 

art shows organized by month in an excel file

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  • Thanks a million for posting this. I don't have Sunshine anymore after ten years of subscriptions. Maybe I'll get it again. Anyway, there it is for everyone to see, Bayou City Art Festival ranking #11 and #52. How in the world did that happen with so many people complaining about everything associated with the show? Yeah, the rankings are based upon the number of reports sent in by artists, right?

    There's a lot more on that list that's interesting or strange or whatever. Can we really trust the rankings to mean very much anymore? They have been helpful for me, but I'm finding I do better in the shows not even listed, or in those way down the rankings from those at the top. Go figure.

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