Advice please?  I would like to throw my hat in the ring for the St. James show in October, however.....would rather not have to apply to all 4 different apps on ZAPP?  How do we determine which one is the best fit?  Is there a "beginner" one where we have a better chance?  Or a super-elite one of the four that we ought not even try for?

How do you all determine which one you apply for?  Do you apply to ALL the St. James options?  That get pretty pricey.

Would love to hear what others are doing?


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  • Hi Gina -- do a little search on this site for "St. James". You'll find all kinds of opinions. The St. James Court Art Show used to be the only place to be, but now I hear that other sections work also. The most congested and hardest for getting in and out and setting up is Belgravia Court. Some people have shown there for years but it always just looked like a walk through area to me.

    Who is making money and where? Getting in and establishing a clientele helps down through the years as this show has very dedicated attendees who will come looking for you. If I was in your shoes (and had never attended the show to see what it looks like and all the sections) I'd apply to St. James itself and then maybe 3rd Street ... I believe they all have separate juries, so as Jeri said below you just never know what will happen to you. 

  • Gina, I was in your same position regarding St. James Court last year.  For what it's worth, I spent some time researching each show; The Court, 4th Street, 3rd Street and Belgravia.  I took a look at those artists who had participated in the various shows the previous year. I decided (for myself) that it was worth the investment to apply to more than one show to increase my chances of getting in. As it turned out, I was rejected by one show, waited listed by another and accepted by The Court. 

    I hope this helps you.

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