Hello, glad to be here!  I just purchased several grid wall panels for my canopy.  I really don't want to get legs to support them.  What would be the best way to attach them to my canopy?  My husband is worried the canopy won't support the weight of the panels.  I have 12 at 14lbs each.  And my canopy is similar to an EZ Up.  Thanks a bunch

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  • Here’s the setup with my Trimline. 


  • Here’s the EZ Up set up - indoor show and not a great photo but you can see how the grid walls attached. 729351311?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • I used grid walls with an EZ Up for years. Just buy the heavy duty wire ties (cable ties) and hang them from the top criss-cross sections of the tent. Start in the corner and put 2 side by side. Wire tie the sides to the legs and the 2 grid walls to each other. Then do the same from the opposite side. You will have a slight gap in the center. But this works well for a clean, industrial looking display as well as provides all of the weight you need on your tent. I would use 12 panels (4 per side/3 sides) total. I later purchased a Trimline, so much easier to attach to straight upper bars and lower staybars. Now I’m using mesh walls because just got tired of hauling around the grid walls.
  • If you have a tent that won't support your panels, you have the wrong tent. It isn't your stuff that I'm concerned about. It's the tent and work of other exhibitors that is going to get ruined by your tent flying into them. You need at least stabilizer bars and 45 pounds of weights on each corner. About those legs. Have fun when there is a rain storm and the water rises 6 inches off the ground.

  • I would recommend calling Flourish Company.

    When I used an EZ Up, I purchased sta bars from Flourish.  The bars were attached to the legs of the canopy around the upper perimeter.  I then attached the grid walls to the bars using S hooks.  I also put a set of sta bars around the lower perimeter of the canopy and used zip ties or canopy bungies to secure the grid wall at the bottom.  I might suggest you call Flourish and talk to them.

    You are correct for not wanting to use legs to support the grid walls.  

    • Thanks that sounds like a good plan.  I will look into the sta bars.

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