I searched this site and saw similar questions regarding this but were 7 + years old. Tastes change so I'm going to ask it.

Should I sell art prints without a mat to offer lower prices?

Some people just want the painting inside a frame without a mat. Their reasons could be the space size or they already have a frame with an 8x10 opening so don't want to buy an 8x10 from me if I have an 11x14 mat around it. So to give people more options I have thought of offering unmatted prints.

Also, what tape do you use? I have some sort of double-sided artist tape, but dang it's permanent. I don't think the buyer would be able to remove the print from a mat without damage. So either way I go, matted or unmatted, I would like the buyer to have the option of removing the print from the the backer board and/or the mat without damage. Any advice?

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  • You might try using Self-adhesive photo corners. You can get them from places like Hobby Lobby, Michaels. They come in packs of 108 pieces for about $3. You can place the corners on your backing board, then slip your image into each of the four corners to hold it in place. If your customer wants, he/she can easily remove the image from the corners, mat/frame the image as they desire.

    • I second that suggestion!  I have been matting my reproduction prints this way, and it works very well.  I also have matting in various colors, and if a customer prefers a different color, it's nothing to swap out the matting of one print for another.

      As far as mats go, I order mine in bulk from Golden State Art.  You can get the mat, board, and clear bags altogether for a great price.

      • Thank you everyone for the suggestions

  • I think you mean reproductions. The original already exist so it's called a reproduction.

    Using a mat, though it may be disposable, means they won't have to handle the print. Matting can be really inexpensive. I recommend white mats with white core so nothing yellows over time if they choose to keep the mat. I've used Crescent Mat Board #918 SRM. That's very white with a white core.

    The tape, which I posted a link to in another thread the other day is acid free framers tape. https://www.amazon.com/Framers-Tape-Archival-Grade-Self-Adhesive/dp... and you hinge it.

    You won't be saving much money by offering a lower price without a mat, but you will be saving a little labor. But it will also lower the perceived value of your product by forcing your customer to spend more afterwards instead of offering a finished product.

    Larry Berman

  • Confusion. You call them "prints" but then also call them "paintings".

    Which are you referring to?

    Research "Conservation / Archival Acid free / Lignon free mounting and hinging tapes.

    • I meant prints. My brain hurts.

      Thank you

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