Can an 80 year old show be considered a jewel?  
    Although my shinning opinion of the Rittenhouse show is biased because I live in Philadelphia, I was still suspect of how a show could maintain organization throughout three days in the epicenter of car, pedestrian, bicycle, dog, and baby carriage traffic.  Not only did the show maintain its professionalism and organization, they were able to apply a stern yet soft set of guidelines that allowed an Art Show to coincide with a Farmer’s Market--forming a symbiotic “what’s good for me, is good for you” environment of a passion that underlines what makes life memorable and enjoyable.  The highlight of this show was how well educated the patrons were and how that allowed me to turn down my salesman and turn loose my caged artist.  Polite conversation, mixed with defining the elements of my work, mixed with the abundance of no-nonsense, know-what-I-want patrons gave me the adrenaline rush I needed to pack my art for new homes in the surrounding Philadelphia area.  To Steve,  many thanks for giving fine artists a venue where we don’t have to sweat our booth fees and expenses--a place where the artist and her art were one and were free to express opinions, techniques, and appreciation direct to a booming art market.  Philadelphia is truly a city that loves you back.  
  • Parking next to or near your booth for daily loading/unloading (if you heed the advice to pull your pieces at night) for 2 hours.
  •  Parking on Friday and Saturday runs in the average of $30 within a block of the square and the price goes down exponentially as you move further away.
  •  The security crew is friendly and is just as excited to be there as the artists.
  •   The farmers market is trying to make a living, just like us, so use your honey to catch those bees, not vinegar.  They try to accommodate upon request
  •    Bus routes and subway routes are within walking distance (Philadelphia is one of the highest ranked walkable cities in the US) and can get you to your hotel across town, or very close to Cherry Hill, NJ--where allot of artist’s stayed.
  •    End-of-show packing is always crazy, no matter how much space you have.  With a little patience and communication the parking spaces stretch to meet your needs.

I Can't possible say anything bad about the show, It was a great weekend and I'm looking forward to the fall show.


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  • Always good to hear that someone had a great show.  Also, thanks so much for the great review of this show at Art Show Reviews -  Feel free to submit more.  They are appreciated.

    Jacki B

  • Just seeing this -

    I'm glad it was a good show for you!

    The photo doesn't come close to showing the beauty of your work.

  • How wonderful Luisa - so glad it was a fantastic show!
  • What can I say... Luisa  said  everything. One of the most easy Art festival in the the NE.  High level, good educated patrons. Always is a pleasure to come back.

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