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I posted this elsewhere already and got a few suggestions.  Made some changes, moved it here:

  • Reduce flip bins (I had 3) down to just 1 to show I'll have them
  • Glare: mixed feedback. Remove glass & ok if jury images are shown well.
  • Show lower back horizontal images better (better, but still not fully displayed)
  • Move it to the booth review discussion!

All my jury images (at this time) are facing the camera, not the side walls. I worked on the glare on those in Photoshop to improve them.

Suggestions please....

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Your booth would be so much better without the flip bin front and center. Do not make it a focal point, put it off to a side wall. The glare takes away from the presentation...I would love to see this minimized. Photographing at night and bouncing light off the top of the canopy helps to control the glare.

Also, I am not sure why you have duplicated the violin. A really nice piece but does not fit with the rest of your body of work. That said I understand, I have a similar odd musical piece in my body of work that is a eye catcher. I just don't think it should be duplicated.

I know it's a lot of work but taking the glass out of the frames would solve the glare problem too.

Those are some handsome pieces btw


oops on the violin. It's not really there. That version of the booth pic I was experimenting with being able to replace back wall photos with other pics.  This is what I intended to post.  But, the bass is still in it, but only once!

Remove the bottom picture on the French wall and move the bin there to fill that space.

Replace all the side wall pictures in Photoshop to eliminate the glare. Photograph matted prints and drop them into the frames hanging there.

Larry Berman

Glare no more....


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