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Well after several decades of "part time" art fairs, this year will be my retirement tour for art fairs. I haven't posted much on this site, but would like to thank those who contribute. I've learned a lot from you all.

I'm retiring, not because I'm tired or worn out but, for other considerations. (If circumstances were different I'd keep going until I drop.) I have several disabilities that are exacerbated by stress, excitement, and just life in general. These are the issues that influenced my decision. Besides my wife was never a fan of them, but was right there 100%!

We've always done pretty well - never lost money on a fair, and we've met many wonderful people along the way. I'll miss that part the most.

So, I simply look at this as another life transition. I'm not done creating art! Just changing my focus to more direct selling and selected exhibitions across the country. We've done pretty well with exhibitions, which leads me to a question. How much of your "art" income comes from art fairs versus other types of revenue streams?

Your thoughts are welcomed.

With grace,


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I would love to hear also.

Happy retirement and wishing you Godspeed in your journey.

After my second rotator cuff surgery, I had to stop doing art shows a few years ago. But I had already transitioned to photographing artwork (and improving jury images) instead of selling my own photographs. So I'm staying in the game as an advocate and consultant for artists using everything I've learned about art shows over the past 40 years. What I love the most is that I work from home and get a better parking space than I ever did at a show. I still walk local art shows and shoot booth pictures and rent my Pro Panels which keeps me in touch with the physical side of doing shows. I feel it's the best of all worlds.

Larry Berman

your not retiring, just moving on to other things. I did the same a few years ago. To answer your question.....First, I found intrenet selling avenues stink and a waste of time. I still do eight or so favorite ,still high quality, easy shows a year. The income totals 1/2 of our social security check. I own a few rental property single family homes that I rent. ( purchased with cash back in those days when this business was tremendous ) The income is about 1/3 of our SS ., I have some old mutual fund accounts that bring in 1/3 of our SS check. My wife and I have no debts, a small home, two vehicles with 100,000 plus miles.,All of our other possessions even the salvation army thrift store wont take. We care little about image. We however do what we want. Cruises, the beach with family, Disney with grandkids, ski trips fishing trips, but..... My love is still sitting under my canopy at a show selling pictures and talking to the wonderful people. I will most likely pass away there some day.


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