Replacement carry bag for EZ Up Express?

This is an old steel model, not the Express II, just plain Express.


The old nylon one it came with shredded. This was a simple sleeve and slipped over the top, and had webbing handles. The bags on their site have wheels and cost more than I paid for the original canopy (!).  They no longer stock any other kind of carry bag.


I know lots of people have come up with clever ideas for carry bags. Want to share? Thanks!

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  • look on Ebay

  • You might want to check with a local canvas shop that makes boat covers, they might be able to make you one.

  • I used to have one of those old steel frame tents until I loaned it out and they didn't use enough weights on it :-( 

    What I really missed about that one was the extra headroom it had compared to the current models. As I recall it had somewhere between 6-12 inches more height. I had read somewhere that EZ-Up redesigned it so the collapsed tent would fit in the truck of the average car which has gotten smaller. I'll check out in my storage locker after the first week of July and see if the old carry bag is still there.

    • Oh, thank you so much! I believe I still have my old canopy, since it is not used in threatening conditions. If there looks like much rain or wind in the offing, I use the big one (Show-Off), which lives permanently in the van “just in case.”  The old Express is much more substantial than the EZ Up models I see out there now. And I thought it was flimsy when I first got it (as a back-up), compared to my original steel KD.


      I was at a one day show this Saturday, where late in the day there popped up a thunderstorm. No wind, just lots of heavy rain. I was reminded then that the nylon top and sides for this are by no means waterproof, just water-resistant. They quickly became saturated and started weeping inside.


      That’s what lit the fire under me to solve the Velcro problem. Though I had clamped the Velcro-less corner, it was not tight enough and that area was pocketing water; I had to keep running over to dump it off.


      But most of the time the old tent is just a sun shelter, for which it works very well. I would appreciate your looking when you can. If you find it, you can PM me with what I’ll owe you.

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