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This weekend is rejection weekend because the jury results from 3 big shows came out. That would be Coconut Grove, Winter Park, and Ft Worth. It's rejection weekend because for every one that got in there were 5-6 people who didn't get in. Hence, many more rejections than acceptances.

Without saying which is which, I got into one, got wait listed for one, and got rejected from one.

So, how about you?

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Have you gotten into all three of these shows in the same year before? 

We didn't apply to any of them, but now wish we had for Winter Park. We did Winter Park last spring and won an award. We've never ever applied to the other two.

OMG -- which would it be? I'm thinking they will always love you at The Grove. WL - Ft. Worth, and a big 0 for WP. Right?

I liked it better when these deadlines were later. It kept your hopes high longer. I guess it is kind of good they are so early because then you can make plans for replacements. Not that anything really replaces the possible excellent sales at these shows.

I am sorry to hear about the reject and waitlist Barry..At least you got into one. Have you done these show frequently in past years? I often wonder if many of the shows just want to see some new work there an give new talent an opportunity.

I've only applied twice to Ft Worth. I've never done it. I've never done a show in Texas. I was hoping this would be my first year. Nothing like starting at the top. Being on the waiting list is like a rejection. Last year only one person dropped out in Ceramics. I get into Winter Park every 2 or 3 years. I did it last year. Many times I've done Winter Park and Coconut Grove in the same year. I wanted to do Bonnie Blandford's Garage Sale show, which is right in the middle of these two events. So, I was either going to go to Florida in February and come back to do the Garage Sale or start out in Kalamazoo and go to Florida. It looks like I will go to Florida in February. I wasn't intending to do both the Grove and WP.

Someone mentioned backup shows. Woodlands, the backup show to Ft Worth was due even earlier and the results were out a while ago. I didn't know that people apply to Woodlands in case they don't get in to Ft Worth. Arti Gras, which is the same weekend as the Grove, already sent out their acceptance/rejection list. I guess one could still sign up for St Stevens if they got a reject from Coconut Grove. Our boy Oscar thinks the grass is greener at Arti Gras. He will be back at the Grove next year.

Here's the problem as I see it. There are only a few really good shows and everyone is trying to get into those shows. There are too many accomplished artists for the few good shows. This is a big country. There should be more of the good ones. One director, a few years back, once said they could have made 2 great shows of the same quality from the people who applied. So, if you have a new jury every year, you will always have a different show every year. That's just how it works.

Barrie, winning an award is no guarantee of getting back in. Someone who has won best of show there and numerous awards over the years, got rejected this year. A few years ago, the director of Winter Park came up to me at the end of the show and told me how much she liked the work. It was 3 years before I got in again.

Even though the buying energy at The Grove is "not what it used to be", there is still buying energy and a very diverse crowd, plus tourists who are excited to be there on that weekend. I don't think you have that at Artigras. That is just locals who are killing time, even though they may have deep pockets. What do you think, Barry?

Are you saying (y) that WP does not invite back people who win the awards? I don't think that is correct. One time (only once) Norm won an award there and we did get reinvited. 

It is a big country and there are so many choices. There is also lots of money to be spent. Smart shows can tap into that. I just completed tallying the votes for our Best Art Fair survey and the votes for the Texas shows won all the spots in the "western" category. It is such a long drive to Ft. Worth from Marquette, hardly seems worth the effort, but perhaps the $$ are there. 

I know Oscar goes to Cottonwood. I'm totally out of the loop on the Texas shows, and skeptical about the possible earnings when you add in the expenses to and fro if you're several days away geographically. But the responses for the Texas events tell me something. Two Cottonwoods, two Bayou Cities, Ft. Worth, The Woodlands ... I'd guess if you can put together a Texas tour like we used to do in Florida it would pay off. But one offs going there doesn't seem smart. 

Winter Park only automatically re-invites the top 30 or maybe only the top 15 or so award winners. There are 60 awards given. Ours was in the "other" 30. I just didn't reapply for 2015.

I will reapply to Winter Park in the future. The show certainly has a high energy for sales, not to mention the chance for major cash and purchase awards.

I agree with you, Connie, about the Texas shows. It's just too far for a one-off show, but some people disagree with that assessment. I had never even considered The Woodlands until this week when I got a good recommendation from a long-time friend exhibitor. There are only 200 exhibitors, and that might be what makes it better for me in my mind. But after reviewing their details on zapp just now, I'm not so sure about it. Booth fee is $475 and there are NO immediate cash awards. 11 Best ofs get a free booth next year. Plus they have some kind of VIP Artist donating program that separates those who give a $150 product to be used during a reception in some Marriott hotel from those who don't. Looking at the artist list, you can see who's a VIP and who ain't.

We did Pensacola Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival this past weekend and it's a high-energy show. Seems that sales numbers were down a little this year from last, but I'd estimate the show is a close second to Winter Park as being the number 2 show in Florida. It's a great show.

I go out there for Oklahoma City. It would have been nice to tie in Ft Worth with OK City and then I would have tried for a show in between the two, which is Fiesta in San Antonio. I've never been there and since I applied I may go anyway. There is no guarantee that I will get into any of the show I applied to.

With WP, what I was saying is that just because a person wins an award there it's not a sure thing that a future jury will pick you. It's still a blind jury.

The reason why I will still do Coconut Grove is because in spite of everything, if you have the right work, you can do very, very well. Now that I know Oscar, a little, I wish he would have gone back this year. You can't judge a show like that doing it just once.

Back in the mid 1990's I used to do Fort Worth back to back with Oklahoma City. The one year there was a weekend in between I drive about ten hours each way to do Lubbock.

Does anyone remember when Fort Worth used to have a second jury deadline and second jury about a month or two after the first jury took place?

Larry Berman

Barrie, I never did the Pensacola show. I always thought about it when I would do the Disney show. It had a good reputation, even then.

BB, Some artists move on to Covington Three Rivers Festival in Louisiana from here, but we're going home. We've never done Covington. We've been on the road for six weeks and have had the best season ever. Pensacola was another bright spot in the road. WOOHOO!

I think Nels is gonna right a review of Pensacola. I'll post award winners in a little while.

Y'all are about to be hammered with the winter storm as temps are drastically falling. We're gonna miss it somewhat, the beginning of it anyway, but it's certainly pelting Wyoming right now and will continue to do so throughout the week. We'll be home this weekend. Last year we drove into the beginning of it on the border of Nebraska and Wyoming. It was a dangerous monster flipping cars and trucks.

This was my first time applying at Winter Park and third time for the Atlanta Dogwood Festival. I got acceptance emails this weekend from both shows and I was ecstatic! Now I just have to piggyback another couple of shows on to WP to make it really worth the drive from Tennessee.


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