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It may be time to get a new camera and my husband has been looking at this one. 

So many different things on it compared to my Pentax K 100D which is the only dslr that I have ever had and used. How does a camera have wifi?

Any thoughts? I shoot pottery for show app and online primarily.



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Not sure about using wifi with any camera to transfer the images. I've never read about it working anywhere on any photography forums. Just get a usb card reader and take the card out after you shoot to transfer the images to a computer.

As far as the d7200, the 7000 series has more features than the 5000 series which has more features than the 3000 series. If I were to buy a 7000 series camera it would be to use my older Nikon lenses. The 7000 series has more compatibility with older lenses.

What I recommend is to choose the series features that work the best for you and then buy one version older than the current available version. You will also need either a 40mm or 60mm macro lens to get the best pictures of whatever artwork you are shooting.

Larry Berman

There are many reasons for WiFi as well as some of the other features, some of the newer cameras have, not that a photog necessarily needs or uses them.

WiFi may allow connection to remote devices ie cell phone, computer etc. Said devices can use this communication portal for controlling the camera. Such as for Time lapse, remote triggering etc. Communication can also be useful for off camera flash, changing settings, remote viewing,  etc. 

May also have GPS to allow tagging of files.

May have IBIS, OSS ISS or other types of image stabilization technologies.

If the shots are only used for what you state, you may not have a concern about the highest resolutions.

the type of viewfinder can be important. On camera flash may be a desire.

I use the WiFi at times for photography.

A simple example is with "selfies". Out in the woods atop a mountain. Noone around. Set camera on surface / tripod, link to cell phone via WiFi. Now I can look at my cell phone to determine when I am in the best position and remote fire the camera. good with groups also.

As I don't shoot pottery I do not know if a Macro is a desired lens. How close do you want to shoot the subjects? 

Thank you Larry and Larry- I am so grateful for the quick help as my husband is happy to start shopping NOW. My Pentax started to die last night and I barely got a few photos out to send to a few customers. Realize that this Pentax was probably one of the first dslr cameras and things have really come along. I'm just not up with the new camera tech. 

I shoot my pots fairly close, but now with photoshop and cropping I have been able to get what I want.

I think I will be amazed when I see the new cameras up close!

I have nothing to add, but I thought it just sounded good to say, "Thank you, Larry, Larry, and my other brother, Larry". :)


That's funny, Larry!

I am now the owner of a Nikon 5600. Think we got a good deal from the camera store, with all of the Christmas specials.


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