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ProPanels take up my booth inside, tent walls just fit, what about weights??

My Pro-Panel  set up occupies all of my tent interior and is canopy hooked to the stabars. My tent walls fit a 10x10, but nothing more. I had been using the leg wrap-around sandbag weights or the PVC tube with concrete weights depending on who had which tent.

But now, I do not think I can use either weighting system b/c there is no space between the leg poles and the panels to place the weights. Hanging the PVC/concrete weights or sandbags outside will not allow the sidewalls to close and having them visible at the junctions of the panels on the inside will not score style points with any good shows.

Plus, with the sandbags, there's no good way to tie them into the tent legs through the panel junctions

Anybody got ideas or links to products or pictures?


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Hi Mark.  I think I know what you mean, but I'm not sure.  I use the sandbags from King Canopy and they work just fine with a full Pro Panel set up.  The weights are only visible from the outside of the tent, with exception from the front.  I will take a picture of my rig this weekend to show you what I mean.  I was at a show this weekend with serious wind and my tent did not move at all.  Everything worked great except the Pro Panels shook really bad.  Add me as a friend here and I will send you that picture Saturday when I get it all set up.  Elle 

My StaBars are positioned high as they will go, but all I have read says the weights have to be on the ground b/c otherwise the tent is now a top heavy sail and is more prone to rolling if there's enough wind underneath it. This is why folks with the concrete and PVC weights have the weights just off of ground level despite having them tied into their set up up at the top StaBars
Also..... Insufficient space between frame and sidewalls to hang the bags I don't have enough slack in the walls to make this work. I. E. the sidewalls wil not zip down with the bags positioned up high or low  I went through this same thing when I used large water bottles.  They worked great but looked awful.  Then I moved to Virginia and found that shows around here tend to give you exactly 10' x 10'.  One show actually had the entire square spray painted I got away with putting the bottles on the front but the booths were back to back and no way could I fit my weights on there.  I now have the Eaton canopy weights and I raise my stabars enough to fit the weights under.  Ever since I got awnings I have not been able to zip my tent outside of the poles.  I always zip them inside of the poles.


Thanks for your thoughts. I looked up the website you suggested. If I wanted 30 lbs weight on each leg, that would cost me $300.00 (well 295$, but who's quibbling?).... That's $2.50/lb. I admire this company's ability to make $$$... No way I can swing that without going to kickstarter and looking for investment capital. It was bad enough to have to pay what propanel was charging for indoor/outdoor carpet surrounding EMT conduit and high density foam....

Second, they stick out - looks like 3-4 inches from each leg.... so now I have 9 foot 6 inches to play with......

I am still looking..........

What is the density of small steel shot per cubic foot?


They are like a doughnut with a bite taken out of it. The pro panel legs fit inside the "bite". Some questions to ask yourself - How breakable is my work? How much work can I stand to lose before I have lost over $300 in potential sales? How much work can I stand to lose before I have to cancel the next show because I can't replace it in time (and lose the booth fee)? How much liability insurance do I have in case my tent takes off and hits the tent with $3000 oil paintings? How well do I want to sleep at night when the weather report is calling for 40 mph winds? How professional do I want my booth to look? BTW - 30 lbs. is not enough. You need at least 45 unless your work isn't breakable and you have good insurance.

Alison, I don't have issue with the technology, just the price of it.... and the looks, too.

Plus the space issue... in an exactly 10 ft setup, if your panels take up your entire 10x10 tent, the weights are gonna be 3 inches into your neighbors spot on each side. This is why I am trying to think up something skinny, heavy, and less money..

I also have to figure out where I can hide two 70lb deep cycle marine batteries in this set-up if there is no back storage or space between tents

I have been pondering 2 inch PVC pipe filled with steel shot....

Hi Mark as soon as the rain stops I will get some pictures of my booth to show you. I am using a 9 panel set up for this show in the "U" configuration. I have the sandbag weights on all four corners and no problems with the panels.

2 Inch PVC filled with steel shot will work, and you can use eye bolts through the sides of the pipe to suspend horizontally from a sta-bar. I had 3" PVC, 30" long with steel shot and lead tire weights (pick up from a tire retailer). Those weighed in at about 45 pounds each. If you make the 2" pipes longer, say 48", you could make them invisible at the bottom of the tent. But steel shot is about $1/pound at Bass Pro Shops and other big box sporting goods stores.

By far the easiest and most durable is steel bar stock. 2" steel bar stock is heavy, and you can't break it. It will cost you about the same as the Eaton weights though, but you have the ability to have them fabricated any size you want.

2" square steel bar is much cheaper that Eaton weights. Eatons are $200 for 60 lbs. I have a price quote in Denver for 8 24" lengths of 2" square bar stock for $255, including cutting. Total of about 217 lbs, or 54 lbs. per corner. (I will actually buy 22", since I want only 50 lbs. per corner.)

Marc, I am also in the Denver area. Can you share the details of this, was it at DenCol? Would you recommend this route? Did they install eyebolts?


Elle, are you using the 38.5 inch wide panels or amid of those and the 30 inch panels? If I had a couple of the smaller panels in play, I could do the U shape setup. Problem s


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