Hello, All!

I am selling the following items for $400.00 total:

-6' 38.5" black propanels (quantity: 4)

-Stiffener (quantity: 2)

-L Stiffener (quantity: 4)

-T Stiffener (quantity: 1)

-Hanger Kit (anchor, two extensions, and "S" hooks) (quantity: 4)

All used in two juried art shows. Great condition. Buyer must pick up (WARNING walls do NOT break down). I'm in Huntsville, AL.


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  • Hi are these still available?

  • Still available ? I'd love to purchase . Thanks Jeffro

  • Did you sell them already?  If not I am in Nashville and can come pick them up.  615 336 5200 please text. 

  • I'm also interested if they are still available. Can pickup this week.
    • Hey, Mollie! I am coordinating with Susan at the moment. I also have a full set of propanel's space saver panels (30", quantity: 8) with couplers and stiffeners if you were interested in these (or a subset of them). I have hanger kits for them, too. Let me know!

      • Hi I think it would be best if you coordinate with Mollie since she can pick up this week.

        • Hey, Susan! Mollie is in need of something else, so the panels are up for your grabs if you are still interested. Let me know.

  • Are these still available?

    • Hey, Susan! Yes, they are still available. I sent you a friend request so we can message the details.

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