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Do any of you who use pro panels leave them in your truck for longish periods of time in the heat?  The company warns against this (warping) but since i tend to leave my display in the truck I wonder if it's been an issue for any of you.  I'm thinking about making the plunge to panels and leaving the old rugged hollow core doors at home.

Also, do you carry them in the box or just freely in your truck?



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When I used Pro Panels, they stayed in my truck and then van for years and years. The only time they came out was to set up at a show. I never had a problem and they still look almost like new today.

Larry Berman

Thanks a lot Larry!

Have used them for many years, they've been in trailers and vans in florida and TX with no problem, but they were covered, of course.  I never had problems with heat. We carry ours leaning against each other,tied so that they can't shift during transit - no box- that would be really unwieldy!

One thing you may not realize about Pro Panels is that the carpet can slide off and you can replace the industrial Styrofoam from a home improvement center.

Larry Berman


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