Hi everyone,

My work is pen illustration (ballpoint) and I am on the fence about how to sell at an upcoming art fair.

My originals are on paper - but when I get a few prints made of each illustration the reproduction is great.  FYI I print on 100# paper and double mat.  

Based on this, I'd rather sell my prints - matted and/or framed.  

I've had different opinions on how to sell. Since these prints look as good as the original illustrations, are they still considered original art?  I want to display framed at the art fair.

Or, I can mat the originals and sell the prints separately.  

Appreciate your comments!




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  • What are the rules of the show?

    Some shows only allow originals; some allow both, as long as they are labeled as to whether they are original or not, and if reproductions, whether they are limited (with indication of piece # and number of reproductions made), or unlimited.


  • Yes, they are Reproductions. I have been selling "repos" of my original pen and ink drawings for over 30 years and have had success in doing so. I never liked bringing out the originals which were drawn on illustration board. Due to moisture and humidity it was always stressful keeping them safe. I made the conscious decision years ago to be a "print" artist rather than selling originals. While for the most part can't get into high end shows, there are plenty of lower to mid range shows that produce good sales. I like being busy selling at shows and like making many people happy taking home one of my moderately priced pieces. I know there are many artists making a good living selling high end art at top shows around the country. It was never my goal to travel far and wide trying to get into those type of shows. I have done shows like Ann Arbor, State College, Longs Park...for the most part they were expensive to do and the ROI was mixed since I didn't have that high end price point. Best of luck with your art career!


    Mike Smith (MikeSmithGraphics.com)

    • Mike - one more comment to add to my previous reply.  I visited your website and love your work!!!!

    • Thanks, Mike!  Appreciate your comments as they really hit home!  I felt the same way about my originals and how they would withstand all the humidity, etc.  I like the reference to repos vs prints as well.

      Thanks, again!!!



  • They are not called prints. They are called reproductions because the original exists. If the show allows reproductions, then they are allowed but might have to be labeled reproductions, depending on the rules of the show. If you want to push people to buy your reproductions, raise the price of your originals.

    Larry Berman

    • Thanks, Larry!!!

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