Just just got a set of Mesh walls for my Trimline tent and have a show this weekend my question is how do you handle price tags on mesh walls? I used to take the pro panels and used velcro but now am at a loss and hoping someone out there has a good idea.

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  • I used double sided tape to my cards last year, not sure they will stick to the mesh panel system I'm considering trying out this year. btw, I used , instead of the heavy metal grids, plastic closet shelving from home depot, ( which, turned, resemble the grids, sort-of). Much lighter, less expensive and worked well- I simply want a lighter weight, easier system now. Nb: used them suspended from sturdy party rental tents; not sure if they would bow a bit under weight of paintings if placed on ground and hooked to top of ez ups.
  • Thank you for the great suggestions. I am going to try the cubicle clips this weekend at St James Court. I will report back once I see how they go
    • That's what I use.


  • I use Avery business cards, imprinted with the title and details of the picture, attached with glue dots to the frame in the lower right corner.
  • I do pretty much what Geoff does, except I hang little clips that I got from Staples to the small drapery hooks.
  • I use adhesive labels, 4 x 1.25 inches, to label the works in my bins. So I cut some identically sized mounts on Foamcore and affixed the labels to them. Then I bought some cubicle clips from Office Depot. They have two pins in the back that fasten to the mesh panels. Then you just clip the foamcore label, and you're done!

    They come in different colors; I use white ones.

    This works great as long as you've designed your label with enough white space to allow for the clip. Try it out!
  • Not knowing what your art work is, why don't you put the prices on the work. I used to cut old business cards diagonally, turn them over and put the prices in the bottom right corner of my framed photographs. Everything on the display had a uniform look and uniform placement of prices.

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