Hi there,

Well, I have to admit, that after reading all the helpful information about the booth shot on this site, I was feeling a bit intimidated, and overwhelmed... but, we took a stab at it the other day, well a couple hundred, to get it just right for our first attempt. We moved things around, played with lighting... chased the dogs away from the tent, and in the end, waited for the sun to go down for the perfect lighting.

I' m happy with this as a first image... I'll keep updating it, and practicing with the overall set up. I also think I may shift in content depending on where the show is. Does anyone else out there do that? More sea life for the coastal shows etc.

Anyway, please let me know what your thoughts are. I appreciate and advice or comments you may have.

Have a great weekend!



Betsy Booth Shot1.jpg

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  • Thanks for posting. I'm reworking my booth photo this winter and looking, reading and learning. Fish drew my eye into booth. Little patch of grass at back was a distraction as was top frame. The other side of my brain worries about inventory but that is evidently not what jurors want to see. I'm on a learning curve.
    • Hi Richard,

      Yes, me too... this will be my first year showing, and I have a small idea of what to expect, I'm sure I'll learn to adapt along the way - inventory is a concern that I'm going to have to stock up on and see how things go. Good luck!

      Thanks for the comments :)


  • 301646522?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Hi there!
    Thanks for the great feedback on my first booth shot.

    I'm now looking for feedback on my second attempt :) Things went a little smoother this time, we took a lot less photos, and had less help from our four legged fur-kids... Though we were racing to set-up, shoot, and tear down between thunderstorms here in Florida.

    Anyway, let me know what your thoughts are, any feedback is appreciated.



    • Better balance than the original.

      The main distraction is the piece on the right on the wall is going out of the image and the piece on the left wall seems to be but it's too close to call. Clearly a case of previewing the image on a computer before finalizing it.

      Is there any more space on the original image before it was cropped?

      Larry Berman

      • Hi Larry,

        Here are those tweaks, I agree, it feels better.

        What do you think?



        • much better.

          Larry Berman

  • Beautiful work...... let me know if you ever create a hippo.

    • Thanks, Scott!

      That's funny, I've been thinking about adding one :)

  • I'd rather see the top grayed down a little instead of cropped. If you crop it will call more attention to the internal EZUp type roof structure.

    Larry Berman

  • It's the booth picture and only seven panels are visible. It works though I'd recommend reversing the angle so you're looking left front to right solid wall so it visually completes the jury group when projected in a line with the booth on the right. Keeps your eyes in the jury group instead of having them move out of the grouping to the right.

    I have no trouble with the amount of canopy showing because it helps the jurors understand that it's an outdoor booth without a second thought. One less distraction to deal with.

    I do recommend a better placement of things. The table on the back wall might be centered but not from the camera position. If the camera is on a tripod, then placement of items becomes much easier. The back wall table should move over to the left so it's visually balanced between the left wall and where the panel on the right comes out. Then move the pedestal on the right over to the right so there is no gray panel showing next to it. The pedestals on the left wall shouldn't overlap. From the camera position they should be separated.

    And maybe something to fill up the space on the back wall. Another set of fish?

    Those might all be individually small things, but it will make the booth picture flow better in the short time the jurors see it.

    Larry Berman

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