This is 1 Million times better than my original shot and I have taken a huge amount of time looking and reading about what the booth shot should look like. I have taken as much of the advice as I can afford and make work with my artwork.

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  • Your work is beautiful! I agree with the above statements. If you could get one more panel to cover the back of the tent, I think it would look cleaner. Since you have white panels, a lighter table cloth would also look better. Your work has a lot of color, so let that steal the show instead of the table cloth. My eyes went right to the big blue spot in the photograph.
  • I like your work ! I bought an indoor / outdoor rug for my tent and it made a huge difference....perhaps you could coordinate the rug and tablecloth color? I wonder if a lighter color tablecloth night be attractive... ;)
    • Thanks for the compliment and the suggestion.

      I have a brown/beige rug that I am going to use on pavement. I'll see what I can find as far as tablecloths go. I just have a lot of blue in my house, so I had this blue one.

  • I'm nor sure what you used for the back wall but what really stands out is all the creases where it was folded. When I got my first tent it was looking the same and my wife ironed all the walls and it made a huge improvement. I always rol up my walls after i take them down to avoid the creases.

    • The back wall is the tent wall. I just got the tent and this was the first time putting it up. I wish I had turned the walls inside out because then the back would be white and not the silver, but it will actually be the silver at the art fairs, so I was going for honesty in the photo. Not sure if that tent fabric/plastic can take an iron, I would hate to destroy it since it was expensive.

      • The walls I mentioed that were ironed were polyester. They ironed fine but i would not think it would work with vinyl.

  • In general it's not bad. Because of the silver walls ( you need more panels), you need to see more of the white roof so it's obvious it's a white canopy. The table with the small stuff needs to be downsized. Fewer small things and if you use a table cloth, pin or tape the fabric so it doesn't show wrinkles.

    Larry Berman
    • Thanks Larry.

      The walls will be silver at the art fairs as that is how the tent is. Are the jurors looking for an honest representation of the booth or something that is just appealing in the photo? It is a white canopy and I can open up the cropping on the photo to show that, but I was trying to take out the rigging as I have seen suggested in many other artists photos.

      I'm interested too, like Cindy, why downsize on the smaller items? I will have those for a lower price point. 

      • I would create a section of small pieces hanging at the back of the left wall instead of using the table. For the picture, turn the walls so the white side faces in or the jurors won't think you have a white canopy. Then reverse them at the show. Or just get a set of white sidewalks so they let light in.

        Larry Berman
    • Larry, I am curious why you advise to downsize the small stuff.

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