Photographing work

I'm no photographer so I am hoping you all can answer this for me in a way that is simple, remember some of us are those point and click kinda people. What is the best way to photograph stained glass type stuff? I do all my pics outside (to save you from the indoor advice) I can build a light box to go behind the pieces for that matter if that would be the best approach? Is LED lighting appropriate for this? I was kinda hoping to avoid mailing them off to be photographed & I apoligize if this topic has already been mentioned before, I must have missed it.

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  • The way that stood out when attending open juries was to hang the piece in the shade but have a white sheet (without wrinkles) hanging in the sun as a backdrop. Make sure to compose using enough pixels so it can be cropped afterwards.

    Larry Berman
    • Thank you Larry!
      That sounds easier than what I was thinking. You know I will be hollering at you soon.
      • Try and set your camera to auto bracket so you can choose the exposure that works the best.

        Larry Berman
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