Passing of Karen Holtkamp

It is with regret I just found out that Karen Holtkamp, a long time member on AFI, passed away September 6, 2017. I was next to her at several shows, the most recent was last year's Talbot Street where we were able to talk again in person. She was always a lovely and vivacious person who held up well in a long running battle with an aggressive esophageal cancer that had metastasized and kept coming back after treatment. We were at one small show the year before in Lagrange, KY, next to each other, and she already knew her time was limited, but still kept a positive outlook and was determined to work as long as possible. My wife and I have several of her Christmas tree glass ornaments and will always think of her each year as we decorate our tree. She will be missed.

Her obituary is located here:

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  • I am sorry to hear of her passing. R.I.P., Karen. She contributed greatly to AFI.

  • Thank you, Robert, for posting this. It is so sad to hear. Although I never met her, Karen contributed a lot of helpful information to over the years. We exchanged emails and she helped me sort out some issues. I believe she did art fairs for quite a long time and even organized some. Learn more about Karen here. She posted as recently as Last June with a review of the Talbot Street Art Fair.

  • I did not know her, but she seemed like a lovely person. I’m sorry to learn of the passing of someone else in the art community, and I’m sorry for your loss.
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