For Sale: 2,000.00.  The original cost was almost 3,200.00.  I have an almost new Showoff Canopy Tent with all the bells and whistles.  It is sitting in my garage and I feel guilty I don't use it. I've used it a total of 3 times in the span of two years.  Since I live in Oklahoma, I purchased this one for high winds (think tornado season).  It's just over-the-top, too much for me. And when I say I have all the bells and whistles, I purchased it all. Awnings, black panel display walls, 12” extra height for tent and all panel display walls, stabilizer, solo aide setup bar, skylight, and an extra 4ft Moveable Canvas Display Wall (in black). There’s a door opening in the back for air flow and the extra 4 ft display wall can be mounted in front. There is a skylight on top to let the maximum light in. I'll copy and paste from my purchase order. I'm not expecting to get my investment back but would like some return. And, I would think Shipping would be atrocious so unless you own fed ex, I’m not shipping. My email is 

SHOWOFF Art Canopy with 3 Display Panel Walls SH-002-SH-002-COMBO-SH-002-BLK-SH-002-12-SH-002-12 1 $2,836.50
24 inch Awning (Save $15)      
1 x SHOWOFF 24 inch Awning $130.00 SH-007    
Double Awning Fitting      
1 x Double Awning Fitting $28.00 SH-076    
Awning Zipper      
2 x Awning Zipper - Sewn Add On $54.00 SH-128    
Popular Add-ons      
1 x Universal Solo Setup Aide $59.00 SH-026    
1 x SHOWOFF Stabilizer Bar Kit $155.00 SH-025    
1 x Drapery Hooks (100 / Pkg) $8.00 SH-037    
Vinyl Sides (Left or Right) - Split in half      
2 x SHOWOFF Canopy Vinyl Side (Left or Right) - Split in half $60.00 SH-103    
2 foot Front Awning, Skylight & & Spreader Bar Combo (Save $34.95)
24 inch Awning, Skylight & Spreader Bar
Sunbrella Display Wall Color Options
Increase the height of your SHOWOFF – Add 12 or 24 Inches Extension
Add 12 inches to frame and sidewalls
Increase the height of Display Panels
Increase display panel height 12 inches
Subtotal $2,836.50
Shipping & Handling $0.00
Grand Total $2,836.50

Item Sku Qty Subtotal
4 ft. Moveable Canvas Display Panel Wall For SHOWOFF
Sunbrella Display Wall Color Options
SH-060-SH-060-BLK 1 $359.00
Subtotal $359.00
Shipping & Handling $0.00
Grand Total $359.00





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  • Is this sold?


  • is this sold?

    • No, It is not. I was getting ready to list on several sites. If you are interested, please let me know. Are you in the Oklahoma area?

      • I have a Friend who lives in Oklahoma City.  I am in iowa

        • I could see if she could pick it up for me, and get it from her when she comes to iowa.

          • My phone # is 641-234-0018 . Can you text me some images and discuss further from there?

  • I love the chair. Where are these sold?

  • Hi Janetta, I will be on my way back to Ohio from Austin TX on morning of March 17. I could swing back and pick up the entire setup if we can work out an agreement. Please email me at and let me know what a fair price would be for you. Thank you! Loc

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