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I've been so wrapped up (still) in evaluating and tabulating the Best Art Fairs survey that I've hardly done anything else. Just now posted about the Zapp conference from 3 1/2 weeks ago (and Nels gets anxious when people don't post about shows in a day or two). Then I discovered that the Zapp people (specifically Leah Charney and Christina Villa) just added their photos from the conference today. Seems we're on the same schedule.

So, tell me what you're doing this weekend and I'll tell you what I'm doing.

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  • I'm still doing cone 6 oxidation glaze testing and playing student at NMU. I forgot how much drama there was in college. If only I could just work and be invisible. The main problem with college is that it's more about grades than actually learning something. On the other hand, I may have an authority problem I didn't know about. If I could afford it, I would probably get some therapy. Of course, I'm being vague. I'm not telling you the specifics. If I had time, I would write about the experience. But, I digress. I just finished my second load of test tiles. I meant to take pics and post them on my FB page. I'll have to do that on Monday. I'm not going anywhere now considering in a few hours it's MSU-UM. At any rate, the first set of tests were kind of a known quantity. I took established glazes and layered matte glazes over shiny glazes to get some really nice combinations. This time I tried things that I didn't know anything about, like, how do you get purple? It turns out there is a difference between manganese carbonate and manganese dioxide. It turns out that I was supposed to use manganese dioxide. Who knew? So I'll have to get purple next time. I also wondered how much cobalt can one mix into a glaze to get a really gaudy blue? The answer is 8%. In the past I would use only .5%. So, most of what I'm doing this weekend is figuring out what I like about this latest tests that I can use and what I will avoid at all costs. All part of my desire to reinvent myself. More to come...

    • Nearly game time ...

      Do you ever put yourself into those kids bodies and remember your college days? There was so much learning outside the classroom that does and does not make you into the person you are today. 

      I worked in the dining room in college and just now returned from this antique show about 50 minutes away where a man was querying people wearing ND sweatshirts. He mentioned that he had worked at St. Mary's College (I'm an alumna from there) so I asked him what he did there. He ran the dining room. Face to face many, many years later, very strange. 

      I know Ralph Rankin is very proud of his glazes. Ever talk to him about those? I know so little about pottery but I think I've heard that there is a hierarchy -- those who make their own glazes and those who buy glazes and there are actually people who can look at a glaze and differentiate!

      Show us ...

  • Now I'm off to an antique show in a rural community in Shipshewana, IN, and then home to watch the U of Michigan/Michigan State game. As always, Go Blue!

    • Staying here. Putting some handles on some new items that I am trying out. I don't have anything until the end of Nov when I will be in a small museum show in Rochester NY.

      Our son is getting married in two weeks, so I've had to keep a limited schedule for this October and November.

      Oh, and still shopping for some clothes items for the wedding festivities. (smile)

  • Believe it or not, writing poetry ;-) Right now I'm trying a shot at mixing photos and verse to see if that idea will fly. My next and last show of the year is in Lexington the weekend before Thanksgiving, and I want to gauge reaction to the work at that show.

    I have one diptych posted on here that's a work in progress, and want to get enough done to create a booth shot and get some jury shots.

    I'm stumped at this point on what category to enter them; photo, mixed media, or miscellaneous 2D? The next magic trick is how to effectively present them for jurying?

    • I know you posted that image a few weeks ago and I was so pre-occupied with the survey I never went to look. Now I did (because it is Saturday and I swore I wasn't going to touch this keyboard). It is lovely. The writing also. Have you been writing for awhile? Looks like it.

      I'd guess that you enter in photography. 

      • I've written for years but rarely in the poetic or verse forms. It's hard as the devil =8-O. Some pieces pop out with little need for editing or rewrite, and some have to be beaten over a blacksmith's anvil to get them in shape. Right now I'm using a literary 8 pound sledge ;-)

        Most of these pieces are going to be B&W or toned. One idea is to print the image on handmade paper also so there's a better visual match. It's going to be a long three weeks.
  • Venice (FL). Howard Alan show. 8 new images to work up in different size prints and Gallery Wraps.

    Plus getting my 2014 calendars proofed, printing collateral with my new logo, beginning a refresh to my website (including new product offerings) and writing promo copy to send out to last year's customers and (especially) the 2013 calendar buyers.  And buyers wonder what we do during the week! LOL

    • I was wondering if there wasn't something happening in Florida. How do you find that Venice crowd? Any big spenders there?

      What is "printing collateral?" 

      Well, you know what we do during the week, nothing. Just get back in the van on Friday and reap the earnings of doing nothing.

      Will you post a link to your calendar when it is finished?

  • Oooh. I was contacted by Judy Cloud of Cloud Productions to do a few shows for them. She visited my booth at the Crosby Festival of the Arts and bought one of my prints. So, I am in her show this weekend, the 18th Annual Holiday & Craft Gift Marketplace at the Lucas County Recreation Center in Maumee, Ohio. Staurday 10AM-5PM and Sunday 11AM-4PM...

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