Hi everyone? I'm looking for a company that will print quality notecards. I am a photographer and would like to print a variety of different photos along with some unique packaging. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks. Mike

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  • Oh my ... Unless if I am misunderstanding what your note cards are, I print my post cards for much much less at ... You can print from 25 to many thousands. Prices and quality has been great for me. 15pt Linen stock and you can chose gloss or matte on the front (full color on both sides if you chose).
  • Hi Mike,
    I print my own note cards but only include them in about 1/2 of my shows as sometimes patrons will purchase them instead of my matted images. Mostly I sell them at various retail shops. You likely have an Epson professional printer for your images - I have several - one dedicated just to cards (Epson 2200). I purchase my stock linen cards & envelopes from Red River Papers - they are top quality and have several paper size weight & finish options. Final cost to me with card/envelope/ink is about $1.00 per card.
  • I've had good success at selling Note Cards. Actually, it's how I got started in the Art Show world. I'd been making cards for family and friends, and they all suggested I sell them. That was 3 years ago!

    I print my own cards on Note Card paper from Red River Paper ( I use their Linen Finish card, and their estimate is less than $1 per card (including ink and envelope). I don't sell them boxed, but I put them all in clear envelopes. They sell for $3 each, or 4 for $10.

    To print them I've set up a custom crop size in Photoshop, and also an action that take the cropped photo, rotates it, changes the canvas size to match the card stock, and puts text on the back of the card. Usually I convert all my photos to note card. If someone likes my work, but doesn't buy, I usually let them know that it's also available as a note card for $3. That sells a lot of cards!

    As for the quantity of cards sold, it varies. I've had shows where I've sold 40, and shows where I've sold 4. Usually it's about 15 to 20.
  • Best way to get information is to ask on my forum:

    But if you're asking for someone to print your note cards, they become reproductions and are not allowed at the majority of the art shows. If you print them yourself, they become original photographs.

    You can get blank window cards from:

    More resources on this page of my resource web site:

    Larry Berman
    Digital Jury Services
    Art Show Tips Blog
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