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"Not Invited" & Scoring low on a jury. Bayou Memorial Park Festival..

Hey All,

We haven't been on here for a while but in these times of sadness at not getting into a show, it's nice to share our thoughts and realize we're not the only ones and hopefully take something positive from the dreaded "No Thanks, cheers for applying though" Email..

Ok, so we have had a bunch of rejections in a row..5 to be precise.

In all of our applications to the last 5 are same bunch of images & same booth shot, So there's some consistency on our part, and definitely some of the juries that had the pleasure of scoring our art. 

We were only given an average score from Bayou, not the others. The odds are slim: 1300 applicants 300 spots. judges score 1 Lowest 7 Highest (not using 4)

We scored an av of 2.333 and the av score of artists in our category of Painting that were invited to the show was 3.7

That means we didn't do well at all, but what was the underlying factor? 

1) Poor painting ability

2) poor choice of subject matter (over saturated maybe)

3) poor picture quality for viewing

4) poor booth shot

Whatever the reason, or even all of the above there was definitely a common theme, otherwise we would've scored better or been invited to one the the shows. 

Of course we will try our damnedest to improve both our skill, the booth shots and the choice of pictures we send in future. We've been painting a short time and we have to realize we are up against long time professionals for a spot.

Please feel free to critique our work and give us your opinion. 

We would be willing to have our work professionally critiqued, please drop us an email with rates.

Lee & Sheri SaxonLynn Arts

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Difficult to tell from the images you posted but all your images come across too contrasty and over exposed. I even saw a copyright in the middle of one of the images.

Normally I want to see small sizes in a forum post, but your images are difficult to evaluate unless I can see the full size ZAPP images.

Larry Berman

I've always done free image evaluations.


Don't take it personally. This is a competitive show. Also, look at the numbers. Only 20% of the field scored 3.7 or higher. Most likely you were in the next 20% or at least somewhere in the middle. I'm sure they scored lots of 1's. My guess is you scored 2's and 3's. If every judge gave you one more point you would have scored 3's and 5's; perhaps enough to get into the show.

Thanks Dan,

Your post makes us feel a lot better about it. And we didn't think about it that way!

Hi Lee and Sheri! Got my "not invited" email also! At least I know I'm in good company! However, I wasn't as disappointed at not getting into Bayou than I was at being "wait listed" by Woodlands! I think I prefer a decisive NO to being a standby date!! I usually submit both of my bodies of work - one in painting and the other mixed media. But I only submitted for painting to Bayou. It has to be the most competitive category. I was scored at 2.1667. I guess it's nice of them to send it since many others do not. I worked in professional sports for a long time and at the end of the game, it doesn't matter if you lose by 1 point or 30! But I am moving on. I've already moved the Bayou zapplication to the archive and I am perusing the other shows for that weekend that are still open for applications!  Join me and maybe we'll see one another again on that weekend!

Also, I think your booth shot was good. With only 3 images available, maybe the two blue images were too similar. Can I assume that the watermark was not in the image you submitted through Zapp? It's really difficult to gauge what works and what doesn't for juries. I am planning to put in for the Fall Bayou City Downtown I haven't given up after this one try at Bayou. It is my hometown after all. I just hope I'm not saying this same thing years from now and it's become my Holy Grail or I've turned into Captain Ahab!  I'm planning to put my current submissions and booth shot up on AFI for feedback also...looking forward to seeing what Larry has to say!

Wasn't there an image review at Fort Worth recently? Did you attend? Maybe it is very far for you, but I have to tell you, everyone who attends one of those events is just amazed about what they learn, not just about their own work, but about others in their category.

Not an image review. Fort Worth has an open jury. Don Mabry wrote about it:

I'm waiting for Lee to call me back so I can go over his images. That's one of the questions I have to ask him.

Larry Berman

Right. Even an open jury can be pretty instructional, as noted in Don's post.

We wanted to go to the Fort Worth open Jury but couldn't. We've heard how important it is to attend and see what everyone else is doing & to see what you're up against when competing against the pros for a spot..We'll be sure to next yr!

FWIW, I think your work is absolutely beautiful and would gladly hang it in my home!!!!

Well thank you so much!

Figuring out the jurie way of thinking is almost impossible for me. I was in the Memorial Park show last year and was juried in with a score of 3+(I do not remember the exact fraction) and I did extremely well at the show. It was a great and fun show for my wife and I and definitely financially rewarding.

I applied again this year using the same photos and was turned down with a 1.7 score.

We were also turned down by the Main St Forth Worth show and the Woodlands waitlisted us. I am a wood sculptor and do not know if I am in a category that is overcrowded or just not appealing to the juries.



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